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  1. Really nice, love the overall lines and antler scales. Clint
  2. Super nice! Very slick workmanship and nice skills. Clint
  3. Love it. Nice work. Clint
  4. Wow, another smoking blade, super clean and nicely done! Clint
  5. Great forging! Clint
  6. Those look great. Checkering really does add a classy aspect to a knife, wish I was adept at it also. Clint
  7. That is one slick Chef’s knife, excellent work as usual. Clint
  8. NIce work, like the thinner, flexible stabby one’s and this fits the bill. Nicely done. Clint
  9. Thanks gents. The fullers for me were definitely are nerve racking to grind in, one slip and your likely going to be modifying whatever your original design was.....as this blade his so large and thick It seemed like a good candidate to give it a shot. Clint
  10. Finished this today. 10.5 inch blade forged from a 7 layer billet of bandsaw blade, horseshoe rasp and center core of chainsaw bar that hardened nicely. Guard is a scrap of 300 layer, spacer blade material, and buttcap an endcut from a radial pattern billet I made forever ago. Handle African blackwood. Through tang construction with a nut welded underside the buttcap to squeeze it all together. Had to try fullers after seeing Jason Knight grind them into an apocalypse tanto in one of his recent youtube videos. Thanks for looking, Clint
  11. That is a very choppy chopper right there. Nicely done. Clint
  12. To state the obvious, those are spectacular knives, great work. I can certainly see some Hancock influence in the bowie. Very clean design and execution. Clint
  13. Beautiful work Justin! Your hamons are very nice and i really like the lines on all of them. I am with the “loose the blue wrap” crowd though! Excellent stuff. Clint
  14. Thanks for your positive comments. I really like Scagel style guards as well but had fitted the guards prior to deciding on handle type so couldn’t pull that off. Next project! Doug, Knife 2 with the crown antler has the copper spacers but they ended up blending with the stainless ones of same thickness right now. I expect them to stand out more with age and natural patina. The red on Knife 1 with fork antler is G10. Clint
  15. Just finished these today. Made a couple of billets recently and needed to see what they looked like!Both handles inspired by William Scagel, obviously not faithfully but in spirit anyway! 1) Blade 4" 160 layer random damascus of 1084/15N20/W1 forged to shape and hardened to RC60.Bronze guard, handle red G10, bronze, stainless, leather spacers and antler fork.2) Blade 4 1/4" 160 layer inverted random damascus of 1084/15N20/W1 also forged to shape and at RC60.Stainless guard, handle black G10, copper, stainless, leather spacers and antler crown.
  16. Looks to be a nice fine grain structure. Perhaps a slight crack from that last straightening blow on the anvil that was done just after it got a bit too cool.....or not, guess there are a multitude of possibilities that cause these unfortunate events! On to the next! Clint
  17. A real work of art. Your pattern welding skills are exceptional. Clint
  18. clint c

    W-2 Chef

    Thanks fellas. Clint
  19. clint c

    W-2 Chef

    Hello, just finished this forged W-2 Chef's knife from my last piece of a chunk of round I got from Don Hansen several years ago. Blade is 10" long, 1/8 at the ricasso but tapers the whole length. Clay hardened with satinite, ferric etch. Bolster/guard and frame is G10. Handle is "true ivory" bought from Brownells also many years ago. I can see why they don't sell it anymore, it has several tiny voids show up that ruin an otherwise nice finish............despite that, I like it. Clint
  20. It drips with class! Very nice. Clint
  21. Great looking blade and nice forge work. And the grinder! Now you can go broke buying belts like every other knifemaker! But a necessary evil, your going to love it. Clint
  22. As usual, phenomenal work. Fantastic! Clint
  23. Super unique and really look forward to seeing it progress. Clint
  24. Fantastic pattern control, breathtaking. Clint
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