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    forging, restoring and flying aircraft, canoing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and most any other active thing u can think of
  1. My wife and I are praying for you . god bless you. Its and honor to serve with you A1C Cridlebaugh USAF
  2. Here is a knife I made for my wife before I shipped to basic, I want some input. the blade is a sandwich of wirerope and a core of roller bearing I got the rollerbearing from and industrial gearbox. The guard is also wirerope it wasn't etched very deeply however looking up close it has a woodgrain appearance. The handle is a deer bone with leather and copper spacers with black walnut. the sheath behind it isn't finished. once it is it will have leather wrapped around the tip, and around the top. with a belt attachment loop on it. I plan on doing some carvings on the wood
  3. The main problem my wife is having is the lonliness. she is here with her family but no one here understands her. she feels like she is living alone in a crowd of people. when I was away in basic her family did start talking and communicating though, which is a maricle so me being away wasn't all bad. They never talk to eachother so there is always a lot of tension between everyone. This is the first time she will have been on her own so i am hoping it works out for the better, I mean her being alone but yet having her own house to do anything with that she wants. I am hoping the
  4. I am hoping to. I am not sure yet if i will be in for very long, I am just going to go with it and see how it turns out. My wife and I are having some hard times with us being seperated for so long and everything. things should be going better soon. *is praying anyway* everything has worked out pretty good so far for us. I am just praying it all stays that way. I am getting restless though, I mean i couldn't touch anything even remotley sharp for over 7 weeks and now i can't have anything over 3" hehe but in 30 more days or so i should be good to go Thank you for serving too
  5. HEY Thanks, what is your opportunity to go? i mean most ppl don't just go on vacation over there. I am a crew chief in training, on C-5 galaxys in the USAF I will be moving around a bit myself and will offer the same service every chance I get *especially since I can't forge right now * so I really appreciate what you are doing etc. * I am going crazy. it has been three months since i have gazed into that beautiful flame. are you guard? or rreserve? or just visiting a while? (doesn't know why anyone would want to visit though but some ppl do or are u not allowed to tel
  6. here is an intermediate step of the drawing i will be breif i have to get to bed i will go into more detail tomarrow or whenever i get back online.. i used the print screen button to steal mr. foggs logo since it is in a GIF format my puter doesn't understand it a nice screen shot works fine. to get a screen shot open somthing that you want to save and push printscreen and it copies everything exactly as it sits on ur monitor.. open microsoft paint and hold in the control CTRL button and press "V" that is a shorcut key for "PASTE" then play around by erasing everything that
  7. *loads his little piper cub up with fuel and supplies, and pumps the water out of the floats* "OK now i can carry 15 more pounds, if anyone wants to come along!" well someday i will have my little airplane.
  8. ahh my uncle said he'd sleep with his hanging upsidedown and unbuttoned at night... I was six or so at the time of hearing that but now i know what he ment by it. well I undestand better. although I'd really hate to use one.
  9. hope Don doesn't mind i am stealing his logo for the tutorial. *evil mad doctor laugh* "Muahahahhhhhahha!!!!" well now i have work so it might be a few more days grr i hate jobs.. i want to forge!!
  10. well here is a question for you then kb0fhp. I am new to the forum also. so what is it like being a metallurgist? I am a certified aircraft mechanic enlisting in the airforce. I plan on retiring there and i want some sort of R&D i was thinking aeronautical engineering but recently afteraquiring several books on metallurgy i have been interested also in metals science and how it all works... so what is the work like and pay location? is it a cubical? sitting in an office? or out running up and down the hotstrip etc.. i love hands on and i want to know EVERYThing there is to know abou
  11. I am working on the photos and everything to the tutorial check back here often i am going to add them as i make htem prolly over hte next few days
  12. Hey thanks.. well the art itself is just me doodleing in school well since kindergarden uhh the ink art.. *used to only use pencil* came on recently like 5 years ago i still cannot write in ink but i can write in pencil but i can draw in ink make any sense? owell i never make sense. pretty much the cross was this here and i shaded it to make it look like it is now.. if you are interested in how to do the shading ask me if not i will just go into the notebook itself. i will start a tutorial then...
  13. well it was a happy accident... i mean who would have known that knocking a few rocks into the etchant would do that? i didn't. This knife is ready and forsale now any interested e-mail me at SEGuardian@yahoo.com to discuss shipping location and the other details the knife is $250 however if you are nice i might take 200$ for it. a sheath will be 25$ more. give a day or two for the sheath. I take cash check or money order and will ship it out once I recieve payment thanks for your time, and I still want input on this design etc.
  14. i wish i could file like that i will have to try it some time very nice job though my 10 knife looked like somthing you'd find in a junkyard on the ground good work the only thing of constructive critizism i could give you, and it doesn't look to be an issue in this knive is my tendency to cut myself on the edge right where the handle and the edge meet so i try to make a shoulder or a guard of some sort. in your picture though it looks far enough away. i just got cut a few times in my earlier forging years when i didn't think about that and i just kept grinding unt
  15. I was playing around a while back and came up with a way to turn a mead composition notebook into a really nice way to keep your records and anything else and it is pretty cheap too.. I chose the "composition" notebook b/c the pages aren't perferated and the dont tear out. The only bad thing is if you do tear one out the same page on the opposite side of the binding will fall out along with it. I will make a tutorial with photos and all if anyone is interested.. here is my newest one, a celtic cross i did the shading with a regular ink pen. i didn't use anything fancy on it.
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