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  1. Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate It`s beautiful redwood Burl., This detail is only decorative, not usually seen in gaucho knives. Horacio .
  2. Hi, let me show you this knive. Total length of 29cm. lade length of 18cm, thickness of 5mm. Blade:52100 steel Handle: Redwood, and Ivory details Sheath: Raw hide lether (cow and colt) I hope you like it. Regards. Horacio
  3. Thanks Guy. Another one. Steel K110 (simil D2) Blade lenght 13,6 cm integral Thicknes 5.5mm Widht 2.8 Handle: carved and texture Retamo wood I hope you like it: Best Regards, Horacio
  4. Thanks Guy. Another one Integral Blade lenght: 12,5cm in W1 I hope you like it. Best Regards, Horacio
  5. Una verdadera belleza!!!! el hamon es increible. Felicitaciones. Horacio
  6. Thanks guy, take the opportunity to show previous work. Semi integral in Damascus 1095 and 15N20 Blade lenght 130mm Handle in pine nail wood. Lenght 110mm
  7. gerhard, your work is FANTASTIC!!!! Congrats and thanks for share it. Horacio
  8. Thanks, I live in Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina Another one
  9. I have a pasive participation in this forum because my English is not so good. I am now using web translator. I want to show my latest work. I hope you like. The first Semi integral in K110 (simil D2) Blade Lenght 13.3mm Handle: in retamo wood. lenght 110mm Second Damascus 15n20 and 1095 Blade Lenght 18.5mm Handle in Axis. Third Blande in W1. Lenght 110mm Handle Slabonean oak Lenght 110mm
  10. Hermoso trabajo jesús, como de costumbre. Horacio
  11. Hermoso trabajo Jesús en todo el conjunto pero tus hammon me siguen sacando suspiros!!! La costura está muy bien te felicito. Un abrazo Horacio
  12. Your works are really something to admire. Every time I see your work, I feel like "Trying" to do something like that. Horacio.
  13. Hermoso trabajo!!!! y el hamon es INCOMPARABLE (quien pudiera hacer la mitad de eso ) Un abrazo Jesús y no dejas de sorprenderme con tus hamon. BRAVO Horacio
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