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  1. I had great customer service with Maxim, as mentioned.
  2. What a wonderful knife, Topi! I like everything about it. I hope you post here more often, I love seeing fine puukko.
  3. Petr, that is a wonderful knife. Very elegant. That is a very special piece of work.
  4. Wonderful knife, Niko! Thank you for sharing this piece!
  5. Petr, that is one of the coolest folding knives I've seen! Very classic! Thank you for posting the pictures. James
  6. Matt, I like that alot. It has a nice flow from blade to handle. I also think the proportions are good. Much nicer than my first effort!
  7. Okay Ty. My only problem with the one I have, is that I have only one of them!
  8. This hammer was made by our own Ty Murch for me. Ty made me this hammer a couple of years ago after I spoke to him about what I was looking for in a hammer. This hammer is just fantastic, and it is the one I use 95% of the time. I think it is about 3 1/2 lbs, but I have never weighed it. The face is relatively soft. The peen is awesome. I can use the corners or the whole "flat" of the peen with equal ease. What I really love about this baby is the handle. It is wide, and flares out towards the butt. This locks the handle into my hand with a relatively loose grip. I can choke up on it
  9. Matt, that is stunning. Everything comes together so well. I like everything about it. Very inspirational; thanks for posting this! James
  10. Thanks for the comments! James
  11. I use W1. I have had good results so far with W1 from toolanddie.com, quenching in oil.
  12. Thanks again to Niko for his help! Blade is 3" W1 steel. Maple handle with coats of tung oil/gum turpentine and 2 coats of wax on top. Brass bolster and rivet. I still have to make the sheath for this one. This was my first oil/wax handle treatment, and I love the process and the feel of it. I would appreciate anyone's criticism. Thanks, James Joyce
  13. Kurt, from a beginner's perspective, Dave's advice about those two books is dead on. You are right to suspect that there are "techniques" to doing these things. There are fundamental smithing techniques that you use to forge anything. A blade is deceptively simple and uses many of them, to different degrees. I'll just add that there have been many, many outstanding step by step pictorials added to this forum in the last 6 months or so (as if this place wasn't a gold mine to start with...). Niko Hynninen's puukko pictorial, and B. Finnegan's bowie tutorial come to mind immediately (h
  14. Kevin, best of luck with your recuperation. That is an awesome way to use your down time.
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