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    Geel / Prov. Antwerp, Flanders,Belgium
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    Always collecting knives.Founder of the Belgian Knife's Society ( BKS ) and organizer of the BKS Cutlery Days in Gembloux, Belgium.Child sitting for my granddaughter :)

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  1. Gembloux 2018. "Decorative techniques" https://belgianknifesociety.com/ https://belgianknifesociety.com/en/ https://belgianknifesociety.com/fr/ https://belgianknifesociety.com/de/
  2. Very nice work ! Peter will be in Gembloux Belgium on next November 11 & 12 for our 18th. BKS Cutlery Days. He will speek about Vikings swords. What they are and ... are not !
  3. Than you all, gentlemen.... She was of course a big dog in a little body and really a sweaty ! She was 14 and half.
  4. Our Jack Russel Cleo; she died 10 days ago...
  5. Theme of "Gembloux 2017" The 18th. BKS Cutlery Days in Gembloux, Belgium On November the 11th and 12th 2017 Vikings axes and blades
  6. It could also be Axis Deer antler. I had the same
  7. My friend the Belgian knifemaker Samuel Lurquin is coming in Atlanta for the Blade Show and would obtain his MS mark with the ABS where he yet is Journeyman Smith. He has send a dagger to the US, coming from Belgium. The dagger is lost/stolen...!? Who knows.? He wrote : "ok, everyone I need you this dagger disappeared, stolen it was the dagger that was to be used for the examination of Master Smith at the Blade Show in a few weeks she never arrive in USA! I have to scream, growl, insult, threaten !!! but no dagger if you track this dagger on a forum, sale website I do not know, maybe this guy is stupid enough to sell it on the internet tell me thank you all" If you should see the dagger on a site to sale, please, write here or send me an PM ! Thanks.
  8. Thanks, Sir ! It was very nice to have you and your wife in our show !
  9. :D I'm happy that you understand so good our "pun-play" in French. We ware not hoping that our poster was so good understood in the US English speaking peoples ! Proud and Happy "fourth of July" for all our American friends !
  10. Yes, of course, US are a strange country for us. And, indeed, let's talk about knives...
  11. I will be seventy end of March 2014 and have seen a lot in my life... Blood, fears, happyness, or not! Also Knives and Art... You can find both in Museums all the Earth around. Europe and Asia have older cultures and can / may assimilate these two "sides" without any problems. Apparently, USA not !? As it was said before, the nudity as shown by Tomas and other artists since centuries is Art. Knives, not so often... And when I see the knife and the picture from Tomas, I say : " Wow, Knife Art "... I can't understand the "prudity" as shown here. The Bladesmith's Forum is for me, more and more a forum for American knifemakers, amateurs and hobbyists with more "criticism" for the expressions of art than the quality of knives... I repeat : " I can't understand you anymore " ! Much noise for nothing... Sorry for my poor English... I'm just an old European
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