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  1. well at work anymore, i machine d-2 blocks and braze carbide on them. they are hammer mill blades that pulverize cement. we use a silver alloy brazing strip, clip a piece off, coat everything in flux, and heat the whole thing up with a rosebud. watch the brazing mat'l run out, let it air cool, and its solid. now it's gonna be on there and you'll grind it flat and square.
  2. Well first, we have to remember that the heart symbol does not resemble an actual heart all that closely. So where did the heart symbol come from in the first place? Secondly, different cultures associate different meanings with the heart. The symbolism of the heart changes with different cultures, and in some cultures (i.e. ancient Egyptian) it's not held in much esteem at all.
  3. Just a shot in the dark, but there is in fact a T - series tool steels. The "T" stands for tungsten aka wolfram.
  4. nice work dick, thanks for the pics
  5. thats a receiving area for a taper lock bushing
  6. that looks great. i woke up at 2:45 to check it out as about 3/4 of the moon was in eclipse. i was so groggy and wasn't in the headspace to thoroughly enjoy it. nice crisp sky where i was. the stars were strikingly beautiful.
  7. Ty Murch


    must have been an awesome sight !
  8. for some reason i wanna say its a boat
  9. Outstanding work, Thomas
  10. also did you see on anvilfire iforge demo #79 C-Cross as opposed to the other one #56?
  11. so long as the cuts from each end overlap at 90 degrees there is going to be a hole in the middle when it is unfolded. how much they overlap dictates how big the hole is going to be. simple as that. some trial and error coupled with intuition if you have any, and you'll have pleasing proportions figgered out in no time.
  12. oh yah.. barefoot ppl in india forged my moms coffee table from rooms to go
  13. welcome back.. i enjoy your work
  14. thing about it is with the screw worn out it's going to have a lot of play in the nut which isn't bad but it really grinds my gears. one way to do it is bore out the nut and press fit in a sleeve, weld it in, then thread it. right now i'm working on a replacement tailstock nut for someone's old lathe. the screw is worn out, but i am making the nut to match it as best as possible by modifying the cutter.
  15. neat tools! is that an oldworld anvils model?
  16. maybe he was talking in period speak like those ren people do all the time.. should have asked him if dragons are real and if he calls a truck a lorry... lol
  17. nice collection.. i like the ax head.. looks exactly like one i made.
  18. could the alloy banding in admiral's steel be because it is sheared from plate rather than rolled into bars?
  19. nice job. that's the basic concept, from there you can go anywhere with these.
  20. ok yeah, that way you have a better something to hold onto in the chuck..
  21. i have heard the second part of that quote, but didn't know where it came from. here's a quote i found Ch'ing, the chief carpenter, was carving wood into a stand for musical instruments. When finished, the work appeared to those who saw it as though of supernatural execution; and the prince of Lu asked him, saying, "What mystery is there in your art?" "No mystery, Your Highness," replied Ch'ing. "And yet there is something. When I am about to make such a stand, I guard against any diminution of my vital power. I first reduce my mind to absolute quiescence. Three days in this condition, and I become oblivious of any reward to be gained. Five days, and I become oblivious of any fame to be acquired. Seven days, and I become unconscious of my four limbs and my physical frame. Then, with no thought of the Court present in my mind, my skill becomes concentrated, and all disturbing elements from without are gone. I enter some mountain forest, I search for a suitable tree. It contains the form required, which is afterwards elaborated. I see the stand in my mind's eye, and then set to work. Beyond that there is nothing. I bring my own native capacity into relation with that of the wood. What was suspected to be of supernatural execution in my work was due solely to this" - Chuang Tzu
  22. this is the first way i thought of doing it. turn off as much material as you can, orienting it in different directions with a four jaw chuck to get the barrel and the pins. then you milled off the excess material over the barrel across the two pins, and then filed it down flush/round.
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