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  1. Looking good. The first one is indeed my favorite. Im itching to start doing some low layer stuff as soon as I get my new forge built in a week or two. Great stuff! Larry Sharp
  2. Stunning. I agree there certainly appears to be a major time investment. It was well worth the effort. Im having trouble find the right adjectives to describe it. Beautiful work Jesus. Larry Sharp
  3. When I handled some similar knives that Fuad made, I at first thought they were too heavy. The more I held it and the more I moved it around in my hand, the better it felt. Once you get over the shock so to speak of the heft, you realize that its actually very comfortable. Its rare to see a knife that has this kind of thickness and heft that cuts as good as Fuads do. They look great to boot. You wont be dissapointed if you were to buy one!
  4. Awsome! Keep up the good work! And show us more man! Seriously, that looks really good. Larry
  5. Looks great Alan. Cant wait to see it in action. Ive started a competition knife but Im not sure Ill finish it in time. If not Ill bring it and maybe finish it at Bowies. I think yours should do well. Larry Sharp
  6. Sweet! I have plans to try something similar towards the end of the summer. I hope it turns out half as good as yours.
  7. The measurements are 22.5 x 18.25 x 7.
  8. I was strolling around the flea market Sunday and found this. It is a portable forge. Everything comes apart and can be stored in the body of the forge for transporting. Ive never seen one like this before. Its made by champion and it cost me 100$. The blower works perfectly and it blows a good amount of air. Does anybody know how old it might be and who it might have been marketed for? Larry Sharp
  9. I LOVE IT!!! Ive been exploring this style of knife for a while now. Very inspiring. Larry Sharp
  10. I like this one quite a bit. Youve done a fine job. Larry Sharp
  11. Gerhard, thats fantastic! The nicest neck knife Ive ever seen! I love the light and dark contrast on the handle. Larry Sharp
  12. Darn!!! I thought I got lucky for a minute. HaHa! Very nice. He should love it. Larry Sharp
  13. The nori (seaweed) is what makes sushi taste fishy. If you like that flavor youll like sushi, otherwise look for types of sushi that arent made with it. Kinda wierd to me that raw fish tastes less fishy than the seaweed. I guess it soaks up all that salt and stuff from the ocean.
  14. That is quite nice. Good job. Larry Sharp
  15. I think what the guys are trying to say is, what was described in the book would not make an effective weapon. You can go two ways with this. Make it just like the book describes and hang it on a wall, or make something similar but with modifications to produce something effective in real world situations. The handle should be wood. The Cold Steel shovel/bad axe is the perfect base to build this thing on. It was designed to do everything your wanting. The weight should be in the head, not the handle. Hope that helps. Larry Sharp P.S. Im a huge zombie fan. Keep me posted.
  16. A link to my latest. Turned out well considering how it started. This is a knife I would have given up on in the past. Larry Sharp http://sharpensteinknifewerks.blogspot.com...atch-knife.html
  17. I can make it. Ill be more than happy to help demo. Keep me posted on what you need. Larry Sharp
  18. I own the delta you posted a linkt to and it is way too small and underpowered for anything other than finishing work and sharpening. A 6x48 1 hp grinder from harbor freight would serve you better and they run about $200. Not a top quality machine but it works. Larry Sharp.
  19. Very nice indeed! The wood is beautiful. Larry Sharp
  20. Thanks for all the kind words. Im commited to improving my skills as a smith and all the advice and ideas I get from you guys helps a great deal. Larry Sharp.
  21. I always love your handles. They inspire me to improve. Great job!
  22. This is one of my best pieces to date in my opinion. What do you guys think? Thanks for looking. Larry Sharp http://sharpensteinknifewerks.blogspot.com...-with-more.html
  23. Thanks guys. I wore it around on my belt for a while to see how it felt and you cant even tell its there. The new owner will love it. Larry
  24. Here is a link to my latest utility knife. First one Ive completed in a few months. Tell me what you think. Thanks. Larry Sharp http://sharpensteinknifewerks.blogspot.com...01_archive.html
  25. Thats awsome! Glad to see you keeping busy. larry Sharp
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