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  1. this has got me intriged would love to know the outcome,by any chance is the hardness the same on the inside and outside of the rectangular shape?
  2. g,day dan the round bar could be 9260,which is a great spring steel .next time you are at the scrap yard grab a length and stand on it see if it bends back to true , good luck
  3. mate that is very very cool it would take my vote as the best blade 2014 on this forum
  4. thankyou alan iwill have a go and see what happens
  5. gday peoples' when i try to log on to the forum it defaults me to yahoo ,its been doing this for about 3 weeks ive re set the default settings ,but to no avail it keeps coming back ,any one else seen this thanks john langston [useit]
  6. mate that is an amazing peice ,you really push the boundrys with your work,great work
  7. hi guys my name is john langston ,i live in adelaide , south australia,and love everything their is to learn about knife making,and i like to scrounge all the material i need to get their.my trade is a fitter and turner so i like to make every thing by hand.there are no restraints on what i make i love this forum and the peoples on here are awsome and have learned so much so a big thankyou
  8. gday mate, the caligraphy on the sword does any one know or seen this type of scratch before
  9. mate thats cool set up you got there and that hammer is wicked
  10. gday mate, your knives are fantastic ,ive always liked that legends of the fall bowie and yours is very cool ive always liked your work ,one day i would like to own one?
  11. mate ive spent 30 years working in factories ,foundries,toolrooms as a toolmaker ,maintenance fitter,welder and what ever else they throw at ya and ive learnt so much from older tradesman passing on their knowledge so then i pass on without hesitation.but thats me. if you want to pass on what u know for monetary gain thats cool each to their own
  12. did i demand any information in my post no am i greatfull for information passed on yes like you would not believe in my opinion if you call your self a teacher you teach people what you know ,my statement was not their to insult any one
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