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  1. I have an unused 8" contact wheel. I build a KMG Clone several years ago, I bought the wheel at that time. It was put on my dresser when it arrived and sits there still. I bought stuff from KMG and Mid-West so it came from either of those. I simply do not remember from whom I purchased it. It has never been used, never even mounted. It's yours for $200 and I'll split the shipping Tom So.Georgia
  2. My 8" has never been used nor even mounted. I bought it from either Rob at KMG or Tracy at Mid-West. I build a KMG Clone several years ago and purchased stuff from both places. I ended up a flat grinder and never mounted it on my clone. It has been sitting on my dresser ever since it arrived. $200 and split the shipping new now days are 256 or 260 depending which place you order from. I think Mid-West is out of them when I checked last week You can contact me at t_megow(at)yahoo.com if your interested Tom So.Ga.
  3. Mr Williams many thanks for the update. I watched a smelt once but they used a crucible. Are you just putting the scraps onto hot coals ? Then adding more charcaol on top from time to time
  4. Jesus I will read this thread a couple times to see if I can understand how this works. I am fairly sure I can make the "smelter" but how much of what to add is what I need to figure out. Thank y'all for sharing this. It is very cool!!
  5. Jesus would mild steel Swarf from a machine shop work? in stead of ore?? I just read this thread for the first time and am fascinated by the process. This is newb question for sure. I have not figured out how you get the carbon in the iron to make steel, from charcoal?
  6. I think she's sharp so here is a show & tell It is my priviledge as a Grandad to annouce the arrival of Neela Grace Megow Born today at 0751 weighting 9lb 3 oz and 22" long I suspect she will be tall,as well as lovely !
  7. Well guys I finally fired up the minipress today and I quickly found out why most folks weld a rest or support for the release rod. Man a foot control would be sweet too!! THANKS Thunder for sharing your design Ken Kelley for your advice and the many other generous folks on this forum and thanks Don Tom
  8. Are you using a hand held knife or a stationary blade? I would think a mounted V-shaped blade would work. Grap chicken by the head and the feet. Hold it feet up push the neck into the V, the head comes off in one hand the other has the feet. Hang your chicken on what ever you have set up for draining the blood. It could be turned in to a mini assembly line.
  9. [quote name='toxonix' date='Mar 30 2009, 01:28 PM' post=' So any 55 or I gallon drum, steel cylinder or similar would be ideal. I go to oil changing places and get 55 drums for free. I am not Sure if they are what you need but the price is righti
  10. OK Y'all I am at the point of needing to Fab some dies I have one piece of 2" mild steel round I was going to cut in half to make one set. What flat sizes do y'all find the most useful/effective? 2", 1.5", 1" ?? Anyone using patterned dies? Tapered dies? Many Thanks Tom So.Ga.
  11. Bill if you are asking me I use the fan from Indian Gerorge's tutorial. The fan he reccommends I was able to buy but I think it is not longer available. I did add a gate to the air side though. Mine is really a Fogg/I.George hybrid. I mounted it on three legs that will unscrew for transport. The forge openings are about chest high. No bending that way I have pic's if need be Tom So.Ga.
  12. I used these plans tp make my verticle forge. These are for a horizontal but I just stood mine up and cut two doors. Don Fogg has some plans or examples on his web-page http://www.indiangeorgesknives.com/building_a_forge.html
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