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  1. I haven't done it (yet), but the info is there. It's a cheap enough book with enough ideas of the whack-yourself-upside-the-head-why-didn't-I-see-that variety that you need it. Weygers was a genius at scrounging, plus a very artistic, no-nonsense smith and toolmaker.Yep I checked the book was less than $20. I am sure it will be useful
  2. Did this book teach you how to make scissors?? I am interested in making a pair as well Thanks Tom So.Ga.
  3. Ken When I was in welding class using .250 steel plate the root pass was a 6011 (60??) I have forgotten why, followed by the 7014 You could make long spots/short passes then fill in the rest later. The idea of alternating the sides is a good one Tom So.Ga.
  4. I might like a link/hunk Tom So.Ga.
  5. OK Thunder, Ken, Frogfish.my engineering experts I am thinking about dies. What kinda work area works best for this mini? 2" X 3" 2" x 2" ?? I am assuming the workarea needs to be directly above the jack cylinder. The pic of of a dual purpose die. What kinda radius are y'all using or recommend for fullering. I would make two small dies rather than a dual purpose
  6. I think we would have to add artist to the mix. The beauty and creativity are undeniable in many projects that grace this forum.
  7. Here is my version no plans though (copied a picture) It spins on bolt that goes through back plate. It an also spins side to side using hole in bottom plate. The tube is 2" square tubing. I use oak boards to hold the knife, leather strips as well if needed. I take measurements or other pic's if needed.There a several really nice round pipe versions in cyberspace.I used what I had on hand for free
  8. I was channel surfing and noticed the Steel in the program title and watched. You did a great job. Their editing was intersting at best. The process was chopped up but you still came across as a man who both Knows and Does!! I would ask them for an unedited tape.
  9. It has been reported on another forum(and perhaps here) that he was flooded out this spring and is trying to start over. Not sure this helps ya but that's probably why the delays Tom So.Ga.
  10. Glenn Moulton who frequents this forum has a welding forge(vertical) that has a removable bottom, for dealing with the flux. Contact him if he doesn't chime in.
  11. My HF cheapie and a homemade stand
  12. Got a Harbor Freight DP Model 44836 1/2 Hp 250-3350 RPM's JT-2 I took it to MTT class and checked the run-out. My dial indicator has .0005 index. The arbor by itself had a runout of about .0020 The needle did not reach 0.0020, it's probably about 0.0018 I chucked up a precision dowl and the chuck's run-out was alittle under 0.0035. I think for an 89.99 Drill press that's not too bad. I might replace the chuck for a keyless, this one only goes down to 3/16's
  13. Thunder Here is another use for your fine little press, just scroll down abit Tom So.Ga. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=566520
  14. Thunder I just got a rain-check for the 20ton air-over $69. If you look at the 50 on the HF website can you tell if it will "work" since it has no spring return?!? HF has some air compressors on sale as well. What would you recommend as a min for the mini-press Thanks Tom
  15. HF has a 50 ton air/hydraulic bottle jack now. No screw extender or return springs according to picture Product # 97548 $189.99
  16. Hang on to it! You will never have another first knife. Now start the next one!
  17. I am NOT jealous abit!! have aball !! ABS school next week
  18. Thunder Can the air assist be adapted to their 50 ton jack? Removing the manual apparatus then screwing the assist to the manual "port"??
  19. Thunder Thank you very much for sharing this (Oh thanks to frogfish and murdoch as well.) Have you "finished" your mini-press now? Could you share the final design if yes?? Tom So.Ga.
  20. I had some "tested" because the RR left a bunch by the track . They used it to wrap old ties together. It was low carbon junk. I guess not all strapping is created equal.
  21. Chris I really like it. It has nice flow and the flair elements add alot to the overall design. I have one question will your index finger fit into the current notch or will the pointed part come in contact with your finger? Might need to consider that, and perhaps you already have. Please post pic's as you progress!!! Tom So.Ga.
  22. Sam Of course we want pic's!!! Pic's of the trial run too! Video would be even better Put it on U-tube Let the whole world see But rememeber EZ is a relative term
  23. I third it Sam we need an up-date!
  24. Know of any videos, or slideprsentations of tire hammers. I couldn't find any on YouTube or Clay's web site. That being said I could have missed them
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