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  1. Can you just post it as a .pdf file or a link to one???
  2. Chris These guys have then 36-400 grit. If You need finer than 400 sorry http://commerce.riverweb.com:8002/00101.html
  3. I have about 30' of Saw Mill Bandsaw blade that looks just like that (That doen't mean it's the same) Mine tested out to be 1070. I annealed mine. I have made fillet knives from it They develop a "patina" quickly, but really hold a edge.
  4. Try this tutorial see if it helps http://www.brucebump.homestead.com/hdchaintut.html
  5. Don I have seen you using the cord wrapped steel bars to sand knives. Are your flats; tool steel? Mild steel?? SS??? Are you using adhesive back sandpaper?? Where do you get yours. If this is on your website Sorry (I did look) I'd like to make one or two. I doubt I can wrap mine like yours though Thanks Tom So.Ga.
  6. Can you post a picture?? Spikes are all I can find in So.Ga.
  7. That is almost beyond words!!!!!!!
  8. Please give into any and all impulses to share photo's great thread!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I hope he runs with knives
  10. Dang this is turning into an art site That is simply beautiful
  11. It also depends on how much land you have access to. I have a 3 acre pasture. I raise a coupla goats, mostly for weed control. I do get week old dairy/beef cow cross bullocks form a local dairy for $25. That requires bottle feeding twice a day for a few weeks.18 -24 months later have it butchered.If you and yours can stand eating something that you have bottle fed. I also grain feed it 3-4 weeks prior to butchering.I buy one a year to have several of various sizes (4 kids to feed) I keep 6-8 hens in an enclosed pen. They eat ALL kitchen scraps. You will get 4-5 eggs a week per chicken. I have never raised meat chickens, layers after several years of production are tuff. I grind them up use in sausage
  12. That would be hard to hide in a sheath. beautiful,just beautiful
  13. I love sushi and I really love that knife. Quality work there! Is it a chisel grind?
  14. Now That is a nice looking knife. I really like that black look with the damacus! You allowed to "carry" knives in Switzerland? That would look right at home hanging from a belt loop or a soldiers rig
  15. I have been assembling kits thus far. This is my first "real" knife I made four blades out of 1/8" X 1.25" X 36" O-1 bar stock. This is the first finished one.This is my fridge door knife.(I proudly posted my kids kindergarten crayon masterpieces on the fridge door) Packed with flaws but at least it resembles a knife It is 7.5" long overall, 3.25" Blade. I copied the gentleman's skinner from TKS. Homemade micarta two layers each color T-shirt material. The ricasso/slab joint was so ugly I tred to make it satin. The rest of the blade was sanded to 1200 grit stone, then rubbed with a rubbing compound The pictures look better than the knife does in real life
  16. Tracy Do you know yet whom is demo-ing what, & when?
  17. You shoot that boy twice? Was it a shed? Really interesting. as already said a real one of a kind. You did the antler proud
  18. Dang you are the tool making man! That is very handy looking.I guess I'll humble my redneck self and say congratulations on your Yankee Ingenuity (OBTW I went to Morse Farm last year for the Maple Syrup Open House)
  19. I am not sure how hard/inconvenient it is but "how I built it" tutorial with lotsa pic's would be nice
  20. Tom Megow


    Good Gosh What an incredible Blade. The process was amazing as well! Words are inadequate
  21. Nice work! I'll have to make me a set. Is the vise beveled so as to act as a guide for filing? That would help us newbs
  22. Sam I have a small quantity of cutter blades IDed to be A-2 you interested in A-2? Tom t_megow@yahoo.com
  23. Congrats Bob and thank you for you service. A recruiter called me last week, he was calling college students. I am taking some classes at night at the local tech college. When I told him I was 55 was we had a good laugh!!
  24. I was forunate enough to watch Mr Fogg do a demo in North Fla. I wish we had made a DVD of the event. I suggest getting a good videographer to go to Ashokan and make a good DVD or set of DVD's Cashen, Fogg et.al. doing their thing would make an excellent resource.
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