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  1. Fastenal stores have W-1 drill rods at most of there stores reasonable priced http://www.fastenal.com/web/home.ex You can use the store locator to find what's near you
  2. seriously cool! Please do post progress !! The ram wieght (60lbs.) Include the die? looks massive in the pics. I am jealous of your shop
  3. Treadle hammer is not powered, well maybe human powered? You winging it or do you have plans for your creation? Pic's coming??
  4. I will put it out in the sunshine during the summer! The openings are chest high. I do not like to bend over I will shorten the legs, if it doesn't work at this heigth. I am after all absolute forging newb
  5. That was my plan, just couldn't wait though
  6. Fired up my Glen Moulton(legs), Indian George(burner), Don Fogg inspired vertical gas forge I am fired up as well!! I smacked a 5/8" O-1 Drill rod for awhile even. I discovered real quick my arms/forearms need work Thanks Glen, I.G. and Don for the help and willingness to share designs and advise with newbs!!!!!!!!!! (I know y'all love looking at other stuff in pictures! Sorry my garage is a mess)
  7. I do not know the Ocmulgee Guild folks Most of the Ga Knife guild meeting are 4-5 hours away from me, here in Valdosta. I have visited hammer-in's in North Fla 1.5 to 2 hours away Wherever I meet Knife makers, all been very generous with their time and talents
  8. B Norris thanks for the advise! The tines (I have two) are vertically challanged, and only 2"x 4" If I welded the two together and mount them in/on some thing a post anvil is an excellant idea. I got the tines for free at a local forklift dealer. They were actually happy to give them to me! I'll stop by from time to time to "let" them give me more. When the front of the forks get to a predetermined thinness, they must be replaced I am milling these tools as a class project. I am taking a Machine tool Class at night. There is an excellant HT double oven, free SS foil. quenchat etc. I am enjoying playing with the BIG TOYS there. The local Bladesmiths have been more than generous with they time and talent. I gfo to their "Hammer-ins" Whenever I can. (I just missed a good one ending today) I was able to watch Don Fogg himself forge and finish an intergal bolster hunter. It was very Zen-like Again Thanks Tom So.Ga.
  9. I am going to mill hardie hole tools, out of this Forklift tine (cut-off, Fullers) C 0.331% Mn 1.34 P 0.007 S 0.017 Si 0.28 Ni 0.09 Cr 0.33 Mo 0.051 B 0.0002 Fe 97.31 Ce 0.656 How should I HT/harden this ? Should I HT it? Thanks Tom So.Ga.
  10. Try your local forklift shops they throw away forks all the time. Should be what you need or real close
  11. I am assembling a Don Fogg inspired vertical forge now. I hope to be smashing hot iron in the near future! But I do have this available to me now so stock removial be better than nothing!! I have 4 blanks I cut out of the 36" piece of O-1. I hope to christen my forge HT these babies
  12. I recently watched Hall of Famer Don Fogg (congrats Don BTW) Forge then file a knife in to existance. It was a thing of beauty. I have some 1/8" X 1.25" 0-1 flat bar stock I was going to try try filing myself. After I cut it into a knife blank do I need to create a quick secondary bevel (.020 thick) then drawfile/ file to that edge? Thanks
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