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  1. I second that! Your sheath work is amazing! Joe Nelson
  2. I just got back from a microbrewery tour and I really wish that I had some fuel because I'm feeling the "itch" right now. Hours and hours of heavily hopped microbrewed ales will do that to me everytime. Joe Nelson Currently sipping on a 22 oz bottle of IPA!
  3. Mead is quite literally capable of giving you Biblical hangovers. Pretty sure there's something in the Bible about someone defeating an army by feeding them mead the night before the battle. Not a bible scholar, sorry. Mead is definitely much easier to manage. I had a batch that sat in the fermenter for over a year after fermentation had stopped. I bottled it, let it age and it was great! Seems much less complicated than wine. Joe Nelson
  4. I've also heard that the big steel clips that railroads use are actually 1050. If you find some of those I would think they would make great hawk heads. Just food for thought, Joe
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