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  1. Yes Congrats on the award Matt….And Coop does you Justice too……Nice!!!!
  2. Nice Matt …. And Nice Coop too!!!!!
  3. I like your idea of consistency of pattern in the Blade ,Handle, and the guard too….
  4. I don’t have a clue why my laptop doesn’t connect to the forum ..I will use my tablet instead… I’ll skip the photo of Dave Martell….He has a good website if you are interested…. To continue my thoughts… I wanted to have cannabis leaves running along the back and edge of the blade…. I make no claim to have invented this method…it was done hundreds of years ago …And todays giants that I learned from and whose shoulders I stand on are Daryl Meyer, Phil Baldwin ,Dan Margani ,Don Fogg all the Ashokan smiths, Including Kevin Cashin, Rick Furerr, Tim Zowanda. And too many to mention o
  5. Thank you Alan and Jacob…I tried refreshing the page, deleting the bookmarks and loading the website again..changing a password… obviously I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing in the digital world…ha ha ha
  6. I’ve was on the forum years ago… on a laptop…Im trying to use my laptop to connect this time around…. Im typing this on a tablet and the home page looks like I remember from the past… My laptop looks more like a grid than the home page…. I am a newbie when it comes to navigating the digital world… what do I need to do ? This is what my laptop screen looks like…I’m sure it can be corrected …I just can't figure out how…thanks I
  7. I found a pic of Dave Martell at Ashokan in my photos Im stumped as to how to show them... on a tablet is see photos... on a desktop that I'm on now I don't see any photos... I can drag a photo on to this but all that shows is text not the photo... I can read it has to come from a URL? I wait for help.... i'm sure it is simple to do if you know how...ha ha ha yeah carbon steel...Biodegradable too.... I have never been able to weld stainless in a coal forge...
  8. I have been trying to find the name of the smith who inspired me down this path... At the Ashokan seminar in 2010 Dave Martell gave a talk on chefs knives...I'm pretty sure Dave is who I'm thinking about....perhaps someone else can confirm that for me... Dave's lecture had an obvious observation that rang a bell in my head.... I am paraphrasing his opinion ...it went something like this.... " all you guys with the fancy folders and swords that are out to make beautiful blades... then he posed the question how many people are out there who need and have a use for your knife and also like y
  9. That looks so real Jeroen …..NICE. I remember you starting this ….times flies doesn’t it? Good to see it finished!!!!!!! you make me think about finishing a seax I started 14 years ago….I lost my internet connection around that time and have been missing this forum …it is good to see familiar names from back then ….looking forward to seeing the sheath
  10. After years of manipulation and control of patterns in damascus that I have done and seen from others I am finding random patterns more fascinating to my thinking….that Random controls a pattern is always a mystery ….I’m finding that collaboration with Random is often more exciting than my own manipulation…. Nice Random Richard
  11. to opt for creeping up on a final fit is one of experience isn’t it? Especially when working by hand…
  12. I think making scissors is one of the more difficult items you can attempt….getting them correct takes some patience and shows how developed your chops are….. You have spent time in the woodshed for sure….NICE job….. Just because it is not on the internet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist … you were around when the internet did not exist….
  13. I like your eagle more than the original…..
  14. Really nice carving on that wax!!!!!!!! And that blade looks equal to it too
  15. Sweet Alan…. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pic…..and this is a nice tutorial too!!!!!!!!
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