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  1. Geoff , hard to tell from the pic.....are those slots tapered front to back ? the one pic looks like they might be.... I have a similar slots on mine that are tapered and they pop right out with the tap of a hammer from the back......I don't mean the slots get thinner towards the back but the width between them gets narrower .... I think a tapered fit is a stronger register for the same position than those fullering dies would be ......here's a pic of mine.....The die is half way into the position and you can see the gap in the plate and the slot.........yours are probably similar .......some times I have to adjust the flatness of the plate so the center does not rub ..
  2. PBS is recycling a BBC series of Beowulf..... it was made in 2016 so many you have probably seen it.... I have not...... Beowulf was required reading in English class when I went to highscool....The Old English was a pediment to my understanding the story.... I only remember something about wolves and the moor's .....I think the BBC series is probably been enhanced for TV but because I didn't understand the story I confess my ignorance.... The BBC series is so cool..... with fantasy creatures and real looking weapons ...... I would have eaten in up when I was 16 if I could have parsed the Old English .... Smelters.....Bladesmiths'.... the charcoal suppliers demanding better pay...... I am really enjoying it now that I am older..... Have any of you who loved reading the story watched this series? What do you think? How different is the written verse from the series? I should probably go back and read the original....
  3. So I have a question about the meteorite in the resin..... How did you get the meteorite to suspend in the resin without it sinking before the resin hardened? Maybe the specific gravity of the meteorite was close enough to the resin's specific gravity that it floated ? or did you need to keep turning it till the resin set enough? it is a very cool look to see it floating like that...
  4. Thanks Alan, Yes ,the handle feeling is like going home...... Josh, that's too political for me .....LOL........ I only wanted to share a motif......
  5. Jack Repair....Not a knife but it is made of O1 ...... I needed to use the jack and of course a part fails just at the worse time..... But we are smiths and can make our own repair parts....
  6. I agree ......when ever that has happened to me it is because I didn't keep it hot enough..... and tool steel is even far less tolerant of it than mild steel.....
  7. I like seeing folders here..... Thanks..... and welcome ....I'm looking forward to seeing more
  8. Agreed ....weird about the brown turning green... why do you think? was it brown when you bought it? I think the brown would have matched well with the copper.......
  9. Nice Don, sounds like he already dove in if he making plans..... I hope he inspires some of his siblings also....I think learning how to make stuff is a confidence builder like no other..... Good for you & Judah. when I was a kid my mother put me out on the back porch with nails a hammer and some scrape wood to keep me out of her hair.... she said I would spend hours making "boats" to float in the bathtub..... from nail pounding to blacksmithing is not much of a stretch.....I think is ready for the forge already....
  10. Machine sand? what kind of a machine Josh? knife grinder?belt grinder ? body grinder? Eric..... I like those knobs.... easy to hold on to....
  11. over all length 15 inches blade length 8.5 inches width is 1 .75 inches .086 thickness W2 & 15N20 & copper Handle is maple I harvested from a junk pile of tree stumps at Artwork in Lewiston NY( a few miles north of Niagara Falls NY) in 1976 I didn't give my self enough material to forge it to the size or thickness I wanted .... the leaves got distorted from too much cross peen ...... I'll do better next time... copper leave motif is from a stamp I made.....
  12. this is fun to watch from black forge scale to refined white metal.....Thanks Josh.....
  13. Geoff has good points….. after you have thought about them for a while make another one….. that is the most important part…. Improving on what you didn’t like about the last one ….
  14. I will add a WOW also….. thanks for the pics of the design process for the raised leather work…. And you metal fittings are equal to the quality… are those rivets actually tacks into the wood?
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