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  1. Matt , Nice Don Fogg and Dan OConner commented in a thread about photographing hamons some where back in the archives... taking them at night is one of the tips that I remember from it.... Dick
  2. This is fun to watch Josh, thanks for taking the time to photo the steps.... Dick
  3. Dan , that is really nice.... where is the pic with the big smile it put on your face? I got into blacksmithing to begin with cause as a wood worker I also was sick of sanding .... Blacksmithing you just wire brush it off and your done.... then I got sucked into Damascus..... Dick
  4. I run into Captain Hook in a bar.... Hey Mate , I raise my mug. Argggggg says he Don't mean to pry but what happen to your leg? Argggg says the captain I fell over board and a shark come up and bit me leg clean off... Jezze that's terrible ,I notice your hook ... How'd that happen? Argggg says he , was bordin a ship and a guy come down with an axe and chopped me hand clean off ... Wow you have had some bad luck , how bout the patch on you eye? Argggg says the Captian... a seagull s**t in my eye.. S**T in you eye? I don't understand . How'd you lose your eye from seagull S**t? Argggg was me first day with the hook.... Dick I liked yours the best so far Alan
  5. George, I think you could grind a curve from the tang to the plunge cut . and then round out the "choil" so it is a curve verses a stepped line.... I think the whole thing has some nice flow other than the stepped lines... Dick
  6. Jiri Nice work, I especially like the sculpture... that is some nice texturing...great hammer work... thanks for showing Dick
  7. Gerhard, It is always such a treat to click on your posts Dick
  8. Andrew, Was nice to meet you .. I'm sorry our chat was ended by lunch.... Good to see you here... welcome Dick
  9. Matt , I guess the good karma is to make up for you missing Ashokan this year.... and now you don't have much time before the snow bring you to a halt again ... Hope you can beat the weather this year... Dick
  10. I don't have words, and I was so overwhelmed I didn't get any photos... and there were too many conversations I missed caused of the few I was able to participate in... a summer long event would still have not been enough.... But non of us could have survived that much sleep depravation So too short but oh so sweet was just the best. I am very much looking forward to Peter " completing his lecture" in march... for those of us that attended we were treated to part of an elegant theory put forth by Peter.. Us attendees are sworn to secrecy for what Peter exposed us to... where else in the world could you trust over 100 guys & girls to hold a secret that long.. and where else in the world would you find one like Peter who would put his trust in such a group ... Knights of the Ashokan round table ... Dick
  11. Michael, resist those prompts to experience selling something.... until YOU make something you think worthy of putting your name to... the first time you sell your work is a big rush... There is nothing like having somebody like you work enough to put money down on it... there comes a time when you complete a knife and think you did pretty good... maybe you could do better the next time.... and that is something even the best makers feel... but you know the "mistakes " are acceptable to you... this is a fine line between what you can over look and that which is too obvious to your eye as being a "mistake" and that line will always move upward as your chops improve... People will judge you by what you make... you don't need to be flawless . nobody is... but at the same time you don't want to create poor impression of your work by putting out stuff that looks incomplete.. people love being in on watching someone improve... and many will not buy a knife from you till you improve to their level... So it is important to get stuff out there even if you know next time you can do better cause some like to see that improvement and commitment to your work. finding that place where it is "good enough" is an individual choice... and should be made by you and you alone... when that first sale happens some day you'll feel ten feet tall ... Dick
  12. Owen, I also got a good chuckle out of your sense of humor... and you hide it well in this pic I like the axe too.... Dick
  13. Dieter, Really nice clean work.. and thanks for the quick photo tutorial ...Well done!! Dick
  14. Scott, I like the sheaths the most... all of them I think they are nice matches to the blades Dick
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