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    The usual stuff - metalworking, gunsmithing, arts and crafts stuff, history and whatever curious thing that may come my way.

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  1. Gazz,

    I cleaned out my box and can receive messages now….

    I’m class of 65 and my brother is cass of 70. 

    I think you know my cousins…..

    I can’t remember which building you worked in but i do remember those were all empty lots when I was at GC… Do you still go to Roch? 

    WHITE HOTS!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Gazz


      I am Gazz on the forum but my real name is Gary.  I had a British girlfriend once who called me Gazzer, she said that was sort of a nickname for guys named Gary in the UK.  I think I registered here before your real name was required and I was always cautious about my name on the internet for some reason.

      I studied metalsmithing with Albert at Brockport starting in 77 for two semesters then moved to CA for two years for a high tech job (electron beam manufacturing that wrote the masks or negatives for chips) which was above my head somewhat so I returned to finish school and got hired by Albert.  Other folks that we both may know from RIT are Michael Ficalora, John Dodd, Ron Calari, Concetta Mason and Henry Ponter.  You must certainly know Gary Griffin.  I saw Albert a few years ago when he auctioned off his shop.  I had not seen him for years and when I walked into his office, he looked at me for a moment and then leapt up and hugged me!  One of the last projects I did at Alberts was the Strong museum sculpture which was all fabrication and that experience influenced my later artistic endeavors in metal.  I've attached a picture of one of my sculptures.  My hands are to arthritic to do much tiny stuff anymore but I still fuss with stuff now and then.  I never did any glass but always wanted to try it but did try my hand at stoneware at a small studio across the border in MA.  It was interesting and I looked at it as sort of sketching for things in steel. 

      I live in Newton, NH and Greg lives in Stafford, NH.

      I remember your brother John as a tall fellow who played end on the JV football team.  I also remember riding in Ken Bianchi's car!!!!

      Yes, a small world.


    3. Dick Sexstone

      Dick Sexstone

      John Bianchi as in my class..I remember John Dodd and Ron Calari. Though I can not picture either . Robert Griffin was there while I was at RIT… I thought  you mentioned glass blowing in your NASA story. 

      It would be fun to chat with you …I’m a two finger typer and a lousy speller as well…. And computer illiterate… are these PM ‘s secure enough to show a phone # ? I use to be a moderator on here 10 years ago ,you would think I should know. LOL

    4. Gazz


      Funny, I think the John Bianchi you mention was a neighbor of mine two houses up the road - I grew up on Fisher Rd.  The Ken Bianchi I mentioned was the guy who went on to become the hillside strangler in CA.  Gary Griffin was a metals teacher at RIT who did lots of stuff with a machine/machined aesthetic.  I have no idea how secure these PMs are but have hesitated sending an email address through them - stuffzilla@comast.net  We can post phone numbers there.

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