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    Blacksmithing, woodcarving, Vikings and old Dodge trucks
  1. Nice Work Bruce, thats quite the hammer, really like the handle carving. Prost! Jens
  2. Bruce, I love my Canon Power Shot A620, the swivel LCD screen really comes in handy for shooting pictures of parts and blades on a table. I used it to shoot all the pics for my company's new parts catalog, worked perfectly. Skal! Jens
  3. OK so here are a pile of full size pics from my vacation including several others besides the sax pics that may be of interest to my fellow blade-smiths. Such as bronze age to middle age weapons ... posted off site - so I'm not sucking Don's bandwidth Enjoy http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4523.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4528.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4531.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4554.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4606_2.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4692.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4742.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4743.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_47461.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4748.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4751.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4753_2.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4754.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4755_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4756_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4757.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_47591.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4761_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4762_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4763_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4764_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4765_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4766_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4767.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4771_1.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4461.html Jens
  4. Wow , wasn't expecting that many requests, I'll post links to the full size images here. Give me a few to get them compiled. Jens
  5. Jens Butler

    Seaxy pics

    A few pics I shot of saxes and other Viking age goodies from our trip to the Middle Rhine region of Germany. Thought I'd share, e- mail me if you want a full size copy. http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4756.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4758.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_47611.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4762.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4753.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4755.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4763.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4764.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4765.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4766.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4771.html Too bad the really cool museums made us check our cameras at the door Jens
  6. Wow , I think I paid $14.00 for my copy , apparently I should have purchased several ... Jens
  7. Bruce , We only did the one weekend, had a great time sold a pile of drinking horns, and a few blades too. Hope you guys do well at the fair. Hopefully "Greywolf Forge " doesn't set up right next to you like he did to us. We'll be heading out to Germany in just a couple of days to celebrate our anniversary so well miss the rest of the fair. Kris - Here are a few more pics One of my Ugly mug http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4236.html Another of my lovely wife and our set up http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4232.html And the shop from another angle http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4238.html Skal! Jens
  8. Here is a pic of my shop and my lovely shop keeper from the Des Moines Ren Fair last weekend http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4239.html http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_4231.html Forged a few knives, sold a few knives, sold a ton of drinking horns had a great time with a living history smithy Skal! Jens
  9. My wife and I do spoons and drinking horns like this, its fun as heck and looks pretty cool to http://www.easypics.us/pics/IMG_1170sp1_2.html more can be seen here: http://oakwoodforge.blogspot.com/ Jens
  10. Nice Lines ! Love the wood , it really compliments the Hamon. Jens
  11. What No Flashing Banner Adds ? No Dancing bears ? Shoot what a Gyp No Really its good looking site, easy to navigate, and looks "sharp" too Jens
  12. The Harv is a good Speaker Eh ? Glad you had the experience Charles ! Skal! Jens
  13. I'd love to go but this year I'm following Bill ( not really ), My wife and I are going to visit the arms and armor museums, Castles and Celt / Roman ruins of Trier, Mainz , and the rest of the Rhine. Possibly We can make next year. Skal! Jens
  14. <---- Picks jaw up off floor ... Holy Cow Jake !! This is freakin amazing ! What a powerful blade, the carving is amazing , the pattern welding is awesome, the fittings are perfect ! WOW ! Jens
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