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  1. Thanks for the nice words guys. @shawn The steel is some nice carbon steel wich I use for my big shoppers. I just finished the leather sheath, I hope you like it as well. Best Regards Murat
  2. Here is one of my cutting contest choppers I just finished up for a customer Steel : 1.2552 Handle : Desertironwood Allover : 380 mm Blade : 260 mm I hope you like it. Best regards Murat
  3. Here are the latest Knife I build in a cooperation with my father. We both had a lot of fun while building it. Steel : 1.2842 +c75ni8 Handle : Fosile Seacowbone Bolsters : Toolsteel All Over : 310 mm Blade : 180 mm We hope you like it. Regards Murat
  4. That Butt cap looks good and a leather with copper sheath schould fitt the dagger nicely. Cant wait to see the whole package ;-) Regards Murat
  5. Hello Owen That one is very nice ! Does it become a wooden sheath ? Regards Murat
  6. Thanks Marco I have found the maker of this Damascus. The smith was Robert Eggerling who forged this nice stuff. I have visit his website and found my billet there ;-) Best Regards Murat
  7. Hello Guys I just finished up this folder for the Guildshow here in Germany in 2 Weeks. I need some help from you guys...I bought this Damascus last year at the Solingen Knife Show from Mr. Francesco Pachi. I am not sure but I think he told me that some American Bladesmith forged that nice Damascus. Does anybody know who made it ? Anyway I hope you like it. Best Regards Murat
  8. That is one of the niced Fixed I have seen this year. I love it ! Best Regards Murat
  9. Nice one ! But these Daggers are very nice. And I love Bocote ;-) Best Regards Murat
  10. wow Nico that is awesome ! Now I feel very motivated. In 30 minutes I will go to my friend Cyrus and I will finish the forging of my first wootz billet. Hopefully ;-) Your work is so Inspireing ! Best Regards Murat
  11. Thanks you guys I am very happy that you like that folder. Kind regards Murat
  12. Here I want to show you my latest guppy Folder The bolsters and the blade is made out from my own damascus wich has something about 218 layers of tool steel and nicle steel. The handle material is cow bone. The all over lenth is 215 mm and closed it is 125 mm long. I hope you like it. Ragards Murat
  13. That is a very nice oven Jim...but that press in the background in super nice...if you want to sell that one...please let me know ;-) Best Regards Murat
  14. Thank you very much ;-) Regards Murat
  15. Congratiulatuon on a very nice Dagger, from a nice maker !!! Regards Murat
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