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  1. Thanks J.D for the great demos. I realy liked your forging demo, Its great to see how methods differ from maker to maker. Very well done. It was great to meet you and hope to see you at future events! Shawn
  2. Very Nice Mick, I could also see a piece of cable damascus on the end grain as the center. Shawn
  3. Although the package as a whole is very nice ,I'm particularly fond of the carving! Shawn
  4. Very Nice Matt. I really like this one. You're finish work brings a certain "cleanliness" to it. Shawn
  5. I Really like this one. Nice shape and proportions. Its got a nice clean feel to it too. Nice job! Shawn
  6. Wow! That last one is more than tasty, Its delicious! Shawn
  7. Very Nice! I like everything about it! Shawn
  8. Cool Project! They came out nice. I'm curios too..... are they to be used? and is that Han Solo peeking out behind you?! Shawn
  9. Nice! Looks like a real user. Shawn
  10. Very Cool! I like it! Shawn
  11. Stunning, Absolutly beautiful! Shawn
  12. Wow! Very nice. Really clean. Shawn
  13. No Problemo, If I can help in anyway PM me. Shawn
  14. Its a bit of a cobbed together process, but I clamp an old drill press vise in my abrasive chopsaw. The Chopsaw has a miter? clamp that will go to 45 deg, but its too small to hold the work when it gets smaller as you cut pieces off. So I set the chopsaw @ 45 Deg then clamp the drill press vise into the saw, and the work into the vise and cut.Thats the best I can explain it really. Shawn
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