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  1. The Universal Digital Library has plenty of old books available for free on metallurgy, I think some of you might enjoy it Some books have limited access, others have full access. Hope you like it, Michael
  2. Bruce, last week I bought a Nikon Coolpix L11 to photograph items for my wife's ebay business. It works a treat for our needs, even tho the shutter can lag from time to time. Then again, I didn't see any other camera getting close for its price. Did I mention it cost us less than 100 with a 2GB memory card? Michael
  3. Hmm, he's doing it with 4 strands of paracord whereas I did it with 2 of cotton ito. I'm also not sure of what happens under the top cross-over. I might try to do that style with silk when I rewrap one of my tanto.
  4. If it is the wrap I think of, I used it once (about 3 years ago) to rewrap an iaito I used as a suburito. It is not very difficult to make, it just requires a lot of patience, a lot of hishigame and possibly a few dabs of rice glue to keep the hishigame in place while you wrap. You just cross the ito flat, no pinch, and pull like mad. I did it with slightly moist ito, if I recall correctly. My wrap was not cosmetically perfect, but hey... it survived more than 2 years of daily exercise
  5. Terry, exactly what I had in mind! Excellent! Thanks for the picture, too. Michael
  6. Hi there, It's been quite a long time since I last posted and I have a question for a charcoal forge I'll start building this weekend. For the foreseeable future, the forge will be used to make chisels and maybe a few short blades. I'm planning to use Ytong blocks (porous concrete) as the base structure of the forge body, jointed with fire cement and covered with a layer of adobe. The hearth maximum size would be around 8" by 16", with probably only 4" by 8" used most of the time (using firebricks to reduce the hearth size). While thinking about the design, I had a (probably) whacky idea 2 independent air supply circuits, each with 2 tuyeres (with their own stop valve). The idea would be able to supply air not only to the restricted zone I'll use most of the time, but also to the whole hearth when required. If it works out, it could be very versatile and quite fuel efficient as well. So the question is... I am out of my mind or could that work? Thanks in advance for all opinions on the subject Michael
  7. Seb, before I download, would it be "Le katana, sabre de samourai" that was broadcasted on Arte early January? Michael
  8. There are still a few on Amazon Japan as well, it was even on discount recently. My only regret about this book is that it could have been a bit longer/thicker
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