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  1. Damascus 1095/15N20/1070. Etched heavy, then CERAKOTE Black. Polished to expose highlights. Enjoy, Jim
  2. Not doing chef knives anymore, these are the last couple blades. Damascus blocks, hydraulic press out, rough grind to shape, HT, triple temper. Waterjet cut out handles, all the same. Weld on handles, finish grind and quick sharpen. Need handles, tune up the edge. Done. I sell these for $250-300. Smaller one is 6" blade, makes a good field / hunter. $50.00 plus shipping, usually runs about $5.00. Jim Knives@threesistersforge.com
  3. This TSF GORGON folder will be auctioned by the Navy SEALs Foundation. Very honored to have been selected. I have been given permission to sell some direct. The price will be $500.00, $100.00 will go to the SEALs of each one sold. Pop me a note to get on the list. Please support these elite defenders. We are so honored.
  4. TSF GORGON on the bench going together. Limited First Edition. 4" blade. Ti frame, all hardened stainless fixtures.
  5. CNC Edge finish. Going together next week. Thank you, Jim
  6. Need knife maker that can use these Ivories in a knife. Thank you, Jim
  7. One of my clients sent me this pic. Very cool, wnated to share. romain bayle pictures www.romainbayle.com 778-458-2409 facebook page
  8. TSF GORGON blades are done. We are now looking at ideal edge angle and texture. I had 40 blades sharpened at different angles, different finishes. We them put them through cutting tests / evaluation. The winner is 18-21 degrees at 3000. A bit obsessive ? Oh well, you know me :0) Should start assembly next week.
  9. I have been making knives for 20 plus years. Have used about every metal, every alphabet you can mis-spell. Get requests almost daily for the latest-greatest. At one of the knife shows I laid out knives, exact same outline, thickness, sandblasted. A bin of rope, cord, cardboard, paper, a couple old sneakers. Also had a couple stones and an EdgePro. Go at it, which one cuts ? Had 1095, 440C, 154CPM, ELMAX, s35NV and M390. The winner ? 1095. The others were a jumble with no clear winner. Actually, many liked the 440C. The real secret is the HT and stabilization. We HT atmospheric, cryo and triple temper. Right now we HT our folder blades, then grind hard. Best way to compensate for warpage, twist, etc. Our hunters are HT at about 90% grind, then we fine tune hard. Mostly with stones / water. OH well, back to work. Thank you for looking. Jim
  10. Clips with Three Sisters Forge cut in. .250 shouldered pivot with custom cut pivot screws, note all details in "3s". getting closer.
  11. Each blade is hand finished, each frame is hand finished. I am sitting here right now sharpening and etching each blade BY HAND. Yes they are stone washed as a group. If that is mass production, boy have I missed something. My total MASS production is 10, maybe 15 knives a week. Each is custom made, modified for each user. I am one of the last one man shops in existance. Our specialty is customization for LE & MIL needs, 90% or more. In our descrition we tell folks that each knife will have individual "Character" no 2 alike. Pop over and get a taste of "Mass Production" 12-15 hour days. Got you grinder and drill press set up so you too can get a taste of "Mass Production".
  12. 225 GORGON blades back from stone wash. Etching logo & sharpening right now. Frames are cut, turning the stop pins, etc. This first group will be laser etched on the frame : GORGON-First Edition Only these 225 will be so designated, never again. The retail will be $500.00 plus. I will honor the $450.00 for the first folk that has been waiting patiently. We are a couple weeks out to finish and ship, but on it hard.
  13. Thank you. Been a long process. Beating the snot out of this to get ZEROED in.
  14. GORGON blades ground, stone-wash going on right now. Hope to have ready to go out the door in a couple weeks.
  15. Red / Orange Fire Rescue BEAST. Black fittings.
  16. Black CERAKOTE polished to highlight the texture. Thank you for looking. Jim
  17. Client sent me this picture, wanted to share. Thank you for looking, Jim
  18. BEAST Shorty- Had a request to shorten the frame on a BEAST. Trimmed and rounded, blade same length, fits right inside. Actuallt fits nicely. a bit more concealable. What do you think ?
  19. The CERAKOTE finishes have become popular in my shop. The finish is very thin, but needs to be cleared to keep tolerances. Thought we would share how we do it. Here is the CERAKOTE BEAST. Process: -Frames CERAKOTE -Re-machine counter sinks and holes, re-tap. The coating has to be cleared, close tolerances. -Blade fit, then off for black coating. The spacers have to be coated separately to keep threads clear. -Screws are made to adapt to coatings / threads. Thank you for looking, Jim
  20. Yep. Sold all but one in 2 hours. Do have one left. With handles those sell for $350.00.
  21. 15N20, 1095, 1080 random. Blades approximatley 7" blade with 440C full tang. The tangs are overlength for eae of handleing. HT, triple temper. Etched, ready to go, tangs are not hardened, easy drill. I have 6 left. No time to finish. $100.00 plus shipping. Contact: knives@threesistersforge.com
  22. Hey guys, I friend sent me a CARSON folder. Needs to be re-built. I think someone put locktite on the pivot screw, it just turns. Anybody know someone that re-builds CARSON ? The lock up if loose, side to side on the blade, is filthy inside. Thank you, Jim
  23. Hey guys, I friend sent me a CARSON folder. Needs to be re-built. I think someone put locktite on the pivot screw, it just turns. Anybody know someone that re-builds CARSON ? The lock up if loose, side to side on the blade, is filthy inside. Thank you, Jim
  24. Leather Pouch, custom order for a BEAST
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