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  1. Did anyone take and post any pictures yet?
  2. Use a single piece of black iron pipe with a screw on end cap to clean it out ever so often.
  3. I am close by but wow those babies cost way to much.
  4. That is a great looking sword the dark wood and the brass are a great combo. And the pattern welded blade is top notch , can you tell use what you used to make the whole piece please?
  5. Great work and the welds look great,For my pins i use welding rod that the shielding busted off. It a soft steel. Or nails well work for the pins.
  6. I use canola oil for my quenching, I heat the oil 140 F degress.
  7. When I etch my wagon wheel wrought iron, I polish the metal yo 400 grit, then etch in warm white vinger.you we'll need to take it out wash it off to see how much grain showing, then I use a green scotch bright pad . The I get some gun metal blue and blue it . The buff it with with green pad. Next I heat with a propan torch tell hot and spray with wd40. Yes it will flame up on you.let cool a rubb it with a clean rag, for me I fill the holes with job weld potty , that away the hole does not get bigger, ask me how I know about that.
  8. I burned charcoal, and took awhile to learn to control the fire,you can burn a piece of high carbon steel in charcoal in no time . Propane forge is a little simpler , you can control the heat better, no flue and hood to worry about. No embers to burn your arms .it realy pros and cons .
  9. I just got some steaches removed Sunday, cut my pinky fingers on a broken fish bowl, the day after I get married what a way to test my new bride. She passed with fling coolers.
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