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  1. Jim, Your description of the creative process is as thought provoking as the piece itself. Both inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
  2. That looks like it came from another planet! Otherworldly, in the best possible way!!
  3. Hey all, I've made one guard from 316 stainless. The reason I've only used it once was the sheer difficulty that it presented in terms of drilling and filing. Is there a better/easier to use stainless alloy (416 maybe?), or a way to anneal stainless that improves its workability?
  4. Many firsts and many frustrations in this knife for me. The slanted guard was a real pain in the behind - kudos to those that do this as a regular feature. The blade is 1075, nickle silver guard, and black palm that was dyed to make it, you know, blacker. I wish the sheath had been better planned out. As it is it holds the knife, but it could be better. Any thoughts/comments/critiques welcome!
  5. Thanks all around! Isaac - the guard is just mild steel that was rusted then carded back a bit. I was worried to shape the piece then rust it, as I was afraid it would take away enough material to alter the fit, but it worked out okay. Also in honesty, I was trying for a much blacker look overall, but such finishes are way too new (to me) and experimental for me to have the kind of control that I'd like...
  6. This was forged a while back and was once several inches longer. As you can guess, the distal part of the blade cracked. I was going to scrap it but thought it might be remade into something small that I could easily complete. Ha! That was about 2 years ago...! But needless to say I found the time and here it is: 1075, ebony, copper and mild steel.
  7. This is a thread that has introduced me to two extremes of foods that I have never eaten. On the one hand you have deep fried lobster. Sounds mouthwateringly over-the-top and thoroughly delicious! But on the opposite hand you have hippo liver...an organ meat from a grass and mud-eating animal that frankly sounds disgusting even its freshest state. Spoiled I doubt enhances the experience. Add in an OP who takes no joy from food? What can I say but that this thread has given me much food for thought...
  8. Outlandish, beautiful, and just plain cool! It looks like it begs to be touched...but carefully!
  9. Thank you for sharing the in progress photos. They make the end result even more remarkable. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see more.
  10. Jesus - Beautiful geometry, sweet hamon, and fittings, too. Inspiring on every level.
  11. Ethan, Are the drawings based on the antler you have in hand? I ask because a friend of mine recently gave me an antler and I found that very little of it's length was even close to straight. I've seen some really clever uses of curved antler for handles, but I couldn't see using the piece I had in that way. Your drawings are a good starting point otherwise.
  12. I appreciate the design critiques - there are some things about this knife that I really like, but the whole is unbalanced. Starting with a drawing is such great advice.
  13. I started this knife with a very different end result in mind, but a friend of mine gifted me with some antler and I decided to try something totally different for me. I decided to make my first full tang knife, but I wanted a really long and slender neck between the handle and the blade. I succeeded with that, actually too well I think. If I could redo this I would shorten that area by about half and have the antler slabs extend to the ricasso. But I still think this could look better and I've been thinking about changing the ricasso area to be less of step and more of a sweep. I also wa
  14. I'm not sure whether to applaud or to be ill. I will do both - applaud the design and skill involved, and be sick that it would take me 6 weeks to make something you might barely recognize as an axe....
  15. You're still doing them exquisitely well, too! Great flow to everything about this.
  16. Holy wow! I've never heard of, let alone seen, ni-juba! That is the crazy stuff between the cutting edge and the more obvious habuchi? In any case, its awesome Shannon!
  17. Old rasp + piece of wenge + bit of an old brass switchplate = new knife. Like they say, hamons are addictive. I tried forging out all the pits and then grinding what was left. By the time I got this far I was afraid that if I kept going I wouldn't have much of a knife left. Second attempt at a sheath. Be kind...
  18. There's such a wealth of talent on this forum. Just superb.
  19. Serge you are the man! There's nothing you do that doesn't have it's own unique flavor.
  20. This thread is very inspirational. This is my second knife with hamon (and I plan on more - it is addictive!):
  21. Wade's comment is perfect. Thank you for showing.
  22. I am afraid of flying, but this makes me want to take a trip to Solingen!
  23. Awesome! That blade is just so perfectly shaped. A few questions if you don't mind - how did you groove the butt cap and guard pieces, and what is going on towards the spine of the blade just below the forge finished area? It looks like another hamon up there, especially in the last pic.
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