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  1. Sounds like you thought of everything. Look forward to seeing it. On a different note, While I'm no expert, I would encourage you to learn to hollow grind using your workrest first, use jigs later if you want. With a little practice and concentration, you'll be amazed how nice of a grind you can do without a jig. If I had started with a jig,I might never have improved my skill. (just my personal take on grinding). Philip
  2. Sounds great, can't wait to see your final setup. I ran a small bandsaw motor on my KMG for about a year before I saved up for a 2HP KB VFD. It was a little confussing wiring the 8 wires(if memory serves) up to the motor. Pretty neat the way you can adjust the torque curve and even set the amount and rate of braking when you cut the power and other features I didn't even bother fooling with. If you have the option, definitely go with a revering switch. It's a handy feature when your putting the final edge on a blade with a rotary plateen. If you have a washdown enclosure on your VFD, make sure you have adequetly sealed where the wires enter the enclosure, I used silicon for mine, no dust what so ever inside the VFD. I would definitely be a little upset if I fried my expensive VFD because I didn't protect it from dust. Best of luck. Philip
  3. Hi Deker, I found your grinder build to be very informative. Just wondering if you are going to post some pictures of the final result (with motor attached). Also curious what attachments you have made for it. Thanks, Philip
  4. Hi Michael, I bought a used treadmill motor and controller from a surplus distributor. I currently use it for a 9" disc sander. Even through it claims it is a 2HP, it barely has enough power to function as a disc sander. I suspect you will be significantly under powered if you are going to use it for anything other than a very small grinder (30" or less). Hope that helps. Philip
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