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  1. I forgot to add that a scribe line is still needed to define the edge quench thickness.
  2. Setting up the layout lines for a distal taper on a full tang. I set the carbide scribe with a dial indicator to the width of the blade material. Setting a allen wrench under the blade to use as a pivot point to the apex of the intended tapers, hold the handle down and scribe around the blade. Rock the blade down and repeat it for the handle end. I used a allen wrench that would be the final width of heat treatment it worked out better than I expected lol. I hope this helps someone trying distal tapers for the first time.
  3. Willie

    Dapper Dan

    I put a bit of clay on it. Didn't want to go flashy and run it down the full length of the blade, something just enough to be seen but not take way from the whole vibe of subtle. Thanks, Willie
  4. Willie

    Dapper Dan

    The brass inlay was a bit of both form and function. I have a horrible time with the guard fit and hammering the brass towards the guard slot prior to press fitting makes for a better fit. Plus, I thought it would look cool lol. I've never seen it done before either (not to say it hasn't). I still need improvement on guard fit though..... thanks, Willie
  5. Dapper Dan, 10 3/8" blade length, 1/4" thick 1095 from Aldo. Mild steel guard, textured and blued with brass inlay. Brass spacer followed by Oroku for handle material. It's the first time I've inlayed anything into metal. It was very interesting to say the least. I was going for a subtle but interesting vibe with this one. As the name Dapper Dan is a gentleman after all lol. Thanks, Willie
  6. I just ordered my first batch of stencils from tustech.com a few days ago. 5 stencils per sheet, $22.00 set up fee and $13.00 for the sheet of 5 stencils. Sent the artwork to them and a little back and forth between us before coming up with a workable stencil. My original image was too detailed and too busy to make a 3/8" diameter stencil. I hope this helps you. Willie
  7. Willie


    Thanks Kevin. All that's left now is the brass acorn nut and sharpen. I almost hate to see it go after spending so much time on it haha.
  8. Willie


    Ladies and Gents, "Tsunami" Willie
  9. Willie


    Bad news, the spalted hickory developed a crack! Good news, my Dad to the rescue! Years ago he purchased some wood while he was working in Africa. He gave me a big chunk of ebony! After a long time of sawing with a hand saw and a while with a cold chisel and a 3 lb hammer I was able to get a few pieces. Jointer plainer one side flat, table saw to square all the other sides. Got the handle drilled, fit and indexing pins set. Rough shaped a bit with a wood rasp. (There's a certain satisfaction shaping by hand). Hit it with a bit of sandpaper and did a quick polish to get a sneak peek of things to come. I'm digging the ebony more than the spalted hickory for sure! It is still rough shaped and has a long way to go. I just wanted to share my excitement with y'all. Thanks for looking and advice or words of wisdom is always welcome. Willie
  10. Willie


    I know it's not much of a update but the profile of the guard is roughly shaped and a bit of sharpie added along the sides for a rough idea of the direction I'm planning on going with it. Thanks, Willie
  11. Willie


    Got the threaded bit welded on the tang and the handle WAY roughed to shape. Long time before completion though. Thanks for looking. Willie
  12. Willie


    Thanks yall! I got the guard fit today. This one isn't about pretty and perfect. It's about celebrating the imperfect. Once it's all finished I hope what I've created is understood. Kevin, I know the video well. You tube, search word cable mokume..... Forge from a old R2 cylinder with castable refractory in the bottom and kaowool in the top. That's the video I got the gumption to make cable mokume a while back! I still need to refine my process but I'm digging what I have so far. thanks for checking this one out, Willie
  13. Willie


    Got the cable mokume guard ROUGH fit.
  14. Willie


    Little dash of cable mokume..... Best mokume I've made so far. Granted, it's not the best mokume made but I made it! I'm so stoked about that! The billet of mokume should have enough to make a guard. The final guard may have a peck or two of "character" but that's ok by me. I'm digging the process. Thanks, Willie
  15. Willie


    Progress is slow Kevin. I made a bit of cable mokume but the brass didn't flow well. Ended up with a lot of voids on the billet of mokume. Either the cable wasn't clean enough, to cold going into the molten brass, not enough flux on the cable prior to the dip or I didn't skim enough dross from the brass. Learning this as I go haha. But the tang is tapered and a piece of spalted hickory rough fit for now. Just gotta make a solid bit of mokume for the guard and pommel and it'll ALMOST be done. Cable mokume version 3.0 next week I hope.
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