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  1. i can get ya some pics, i paid $85 several years ago its in nice shape compared to all ive seen for sale no stand
  2. where do you live?? i live in joplin,mo i have a champion 200 in good shape would be expensive to ship really heavy
  3. glad it worked out for ya, the only thing i did in addition was weld a plate steel on the end, and ground the end rounded off, no sharp edges to cut your self on bruce
  4. WOW ""4th knife my 1st razor and my first attempt at forge welding"" that looks great, you need to post more often, you got talent
  5. you can save some money useing 1.5 x 1.5 x 20 square tubing and weight, have rigged up mine that way and wouldnt trade it for solid steel bb
  6. thanks guys, the gun is 32. caliber eathan and allen pepperbox, it was given to me 15 years ago has a wedding present in kit form, it came very rough finished on the metal many hours of sanding, i have only fired a few times over the years kinda awkword, it was a very early design of a revolver use it in alot of my pics because its unique. bruce
  7. the wife asked for a small knife to keep in her new pickup- this is what i came up with, 6 1/8 total length 2 3/34 cutting edge-- it will scare the hair off your arm, back pocket sheath thats designed smaller to fit pockets on womens jeans- the pic of the sheath shows the streaks and such in the sheath that arent noticeable to my eyes in normal light, <<it looks better in person>> the steel is 1084 and 1520
  8. wow!! dave that dont look like no rr spike, awesome work!! that just screams tutorial
  9. ""I turned out alright. Thanks for lookin!"" turned out about what we expect from ya over the top, that total package is awesome whats the little critter in pomel??
  10. got a chunk cut today and forged out then made a san mai billet with 1084, triple normalized and annealing slowly now, did the wrought test its nice and fibrous pics suck , maybe some else will post better pics, while forging i was wondering how old could this chain be?? any body got any ideas??
  11. received the chain nice looking stuff, the first mention of thanking you for the sand, i was puzzled?? thanks for the links and sand both arrived perfectly thanks jesse
  12. what evrybody else said fuad that pops!! love the placement of your mark bb
  13. im in also 64801 can pay by any method you choose thanks bruce
  14. sweet little skinner, i like the choice of handle materials it pops!! bb
  15. nice looking knife, great pattern, i made a bunch of these key chain blades aa couple of years ago- it was my version of the shark
  16. thanks fred, the more i use it the more i like it, hows that grinder??
  17. Bruce, recently i was looking closely at the apex, spoke to several makers on here who had them and found the left hand sharpening was unnatural and cumbersome, i bought this have gotten really good results with it,i built the stand instead of buying it, i got the diamond kit but will be ordering the regular stones also, you can use any stone you can find if it's 1 x 4 bruce bryant http://www.kmesharp.com/Products.html
  18. it's not my idea, i copied the basic idea the best i could from poor pics on a ebay listing, they sell for $75.00, i made mine out of scrap steel i had laying around, you remove the material guide on the saw 2 allen screws and slide the saw on the table reinstall the two screws, and yes it is quite stable and quick and easy to convert back to portaband heres a better pic of the table and connection point, the screws are contersunk for a flat table the table size is 6'' x 8'' any more questions feel free to ask.. bruce
  19. theres been alot topics lately about portabands, and buildings stands or clamping it in a vise, i havent seen any post with good pics so l posted these hope it helps someone, got the dewalt for xmas, built the stand today, very pleased with both, theres better saws out there but not for this money. bb
  20. nicely done, now make one for yourself would be cool in the kitchen bb
  21. really nice!! the final fit of the handle and eye looks exceptional
  22. very nice never seen the copper rivets like that where do you find them and what size are they??
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