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  1. Excellent tutorial Alan. My muzzleloader builds are generally very plain because I hate to do inlay work I have never made my own inlays before. I am going to give this a try! Adam
  2. WOW, I love it! Very slim look. I like the center seam type sheath too!
  3. Ver nice knife, Adlai! Very flowing blade shape and excellent fit & finish. I love the wicked sharp point!
  4. Thank you for your kind comments.
  5. OK, here's my first knife post. The hawk went over ok, so here goes. This is a stock removal kife in a simple 4" utility. I got the billet from a friend of mine here locally. The bolster is brass and I used a pewter button for the butt cap. White tail antler handle. Thank you very much Adam
  6. Hey Guys and Gals, I have been lurking here for a long time. I have not felt that my work has been up to par and have not shown any of my projects. Well, Hell with it, Here goes! I forged this spike hawk over two long sessions. The head is made from an old ball pien hammer and was a stone cold BIATCH to get the drift through. The handle is a piece of ash I had laying around and was very pleasantly surprized by the amount of curl in it. I used a blackened bee's wax finish on the head and ebony stain with a wax finish on the handle. Sorry, the pics are not very high quality at all. Part of the not posting thing I guess, never learned to take good pics! Critique is very welcome. And thank you all for being an inspiration! Adam
  7. Great job Sam!! Your work has come a very long way over the last year!
  8. That's a sweet looking job you've done there!
  9. Awesome combination of materials! Great knife.
  10. Very nice knife James. I really like the early influence of the whole package.
  11. Simply stunning Jake. I can't help but admire the skill and pateints(sp?) it takes to do a carving on that scale. Once again, great job!
  12. Brovo! Very nicely done Jake. The casting is wonderful. As usual, I love the use of the carved curly maple. Are you going to carve the presentation case as well? Beautiful project! Can't wait to see the grand unveiling of the finished sword and presentation case. Thanks for the inspiration, once again. Adam Stevenson HalfMoonRanger
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