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  1. Great project! Can't wait to see the pattern. Dave how many KW is your induction forge?
  2. Had a great show, talked to some visitors about the prototypes, got some good feedback....perfect. We had sunny weather and a great outdoors program. from what I've heared everybody was happy!
  3. For the Dutch Knife Exhibition I wanted to make a prototype of one of the Orbis family. In this case one with a double guard. The Orbis series are of half integral construction but I did not make a double guarded one before, just designed it. The end result is pretty much what I was looking for, the next one will be a bit lighter though. Blade length: 8.5" Steel: 01 coating: black gunkote Grip: Black/Green micarta Picture time..... rough forged blank which has been grinded a bit. first grinding
  4. Thanks kb0fhp, I'm really looking for a good oil for O1/O2 and 1.2550. I do use simpler steels like W2 and 1.2210 (silver steel), but these steels I water quench (with an additive) so far never had a cracked blade. Thank you for your detailed answer!
  5. Thanks KB0fhp, you say houghton 100 will work, do you think there is another houghton product that will work better? I'm asking since I'm about to order some hougton 100. I'm sorry, I now see I totally misspelled one of the steels. should have been 1.2550: C:0.55/0.65, CR:0.9/1.2, V:0.1/0.2, T:1.8/2.0
  6. Great knife Erik, half integrals rock!
  7. Would Houghton Quench 100 be a good choice for steels like O1, O2 and 1.5052?
  8. Two knives of a set of three. The big bowie is made out of Ladder Damascus (O1 & 75ni8 ), twist Damascus for the guard and a line damascus for the spacer. New Silver spacer, Olive handle and Damascus pommel. The hunter has the same build up, but for some reason this knife did not wanted to be build. Took me two blades, two guards and two handles before everything was correct. I’ll probably let is fall on the concrete floor before I can hand it over to the new owner. I’m now starting on the final piece which will be a folder.
  9. He Thunder, What diameter are you using right now? I'm using 1" bolts.
  10. Here is my frame that my buddy Gudy van Poppel welded for me. My weld will never hold 20 to 30 tons, so he offered to do it for me. I painted it today, needs a second coat. Next I have to make a foot pedal and a fixture for the downward handle. I'm pretty impressed so far, it's looking really good. When finished I will post some movies, one with the 20 tons jack and one with the 30 ton.
  11. Knife is hardened and ready for the GunKote finish. final fitting
  12. I'm working on an order for a customer that came to a stand still when my forge broke down. So I started this Bull Shark - M for a buddy of mine. I took some pics of the work in progress, thought it would be nice to show them here. Steel: Cru Forge V Thickness: 6mm Scales: Green/Black linnen micarta grips and blade Rubber liners. Spacer between grip and pommel. Pommel
  13. I bought a 20 and 30 ton jack, the 30 ton jack is about half as fast as the 20 ton version. I'm going to build two presses and see how I can use both in different operations.
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