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  1. Thanks everybody, I'm working on building a new shop this year and plan on making more videos in the coming year, stay tuned
  2. Hello everyone, haven't posted on here in awhile. Here is a video I finished recently. The style is after British Elwell hogsplitter cleavers. The steel used is from a thick section of a Ford leaf spring.
  3. Hello again, I've finished the tooling for this build and thought I'd share. I saw Roberto Giordani's soapstone holder/pointer in Belgium and had to make something in a similar fashion. Here is a video of the process:
  4. Good stuff! Pretty cool how Mr. Fogg's forum has grown.
  5. I'm making hot cut chisels this week and thought I'd film one variant, since I haven't seen it on youtube yet. Starting stock is 1 1/8" x 1 3/8" of annealed H13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZpVUY-fAvg
  6. Thanks everyone, more videos in the near future. JJ Simon: The atlantic 33 and h13 held up just fine, but I had issues with the 01. More tests with a different bar of 01 and heat treat, to see what the deal is.
  7. I posted this earlier on instagram, but thought I would share it here to those needing to hold knife (billet sized) pieces. These tongs started out as 1"x4" square bar and are sized to hold 1/4"x2" flat bar. Of course you can size the tongs to any thickness/dimension you like. *Certain forging steps were skipped in the video, mainly truing up on the swage block and anvil.
  8. Looking good! Nice and clean.
  9. Thanks everybody. KC, small world. Well your welcome if you're ever in the area. I'm looking for property now in the huntsville area for a permanent shop. Hopefully I can have something set up sometime next year.
  10. Here is my take on making a center punch, from tool building to completion.
  11. Jspool: Good stuff! Best of luck in the build.
  12. Thanks everybody Three weeks of tool building and trying not to burn up my camera. Happy how it turned out.
  13. Some may remember this wip a few yrs back. Anyhow here is a video of the process using the power hammer this time.
  14. Thanks! No spacers. I filed grooves, then filed/sanded smooth and round to look like squished spheres.
  15. Thanks, for the fork tines I marked them out, tapering 1/8" to 1/16" and cut them out on my band saw. I then cleaned them up to the marked line with the belt sander and small files. Another place to check out some similar cutlery is in Solingen at their knife museum: Deutsches Klingenmuseum.
  16. Thanks everybody, I hope to put them to good use in the field.
  17. Brian Dougherty: All parts are octagonal, either forged or ground. Once the knife/fork were forged, I ground the pommels down to that dimension. The power hammer is a beautiful machine Alan: Thanks!
  18. All finished. Fork is forged from 5160 and knife from 0-1 steel. The handles are ebony.
  19. Some Whitework today. Drawfiling to final shape and cutting threads in the tangs. I machined the end caps/pommels from mild steel, and had a bear of a time cutting the internal threads, since they were so small. I ended up using three 1/4"x20 taps, standard, bottoming tap and one ground down to flush.
  20. Knife pre-form is forged to shape. I had a 1" bar of O-1 in the shop, so this is from that.
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