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  1. You know the Vista Cruiser and I will be there!!!!!!!
  2. Oh No!!! I'm feeling the need to make another sword cane!!!
  3. Hey Alan You can also get zirconium from American metals exchange http://www.amxinc.com/ and you cant solder or braze it, you can only tig weld and it's supposed to be in a argon purge chamber
  4. Hers is one of my latest katanas forge welded to 600 layers with a combination of W2,1075 and 1045. 28” long blade, 1.375” wide, .320” thick at the munemachi with .75” of sori. This is a healthy blade and weighs in at just under 3lbs fully mounted. All the fittings were made by me out of Zirconium and heat colored to a luxurious black finish that not only looks fantastic but is extremely durable ( when I say extremely I should say nearly bomb proof). I’ve been looking for a shakudo replacement and zirconium seems to be it although it is not the easiest material to work with. The Fudo-Myo menuki are reproductions. The handle is wrapped in highest quality stingray skin then braided with my signature multi cord wrap. The saya (scabbard) has a textured multi hued finish with water buffalo horn accents and reinforcements and glossy black finish at the end. Some of these picture aren't the best but I can only be frustrated for so long before I say "that's It!" and give up:)
  5. Hey Justin, I'm interested in some titanium I messaged you through the forum. Matt
  6. Carrot cake getting..................replaced! oh the horror!!!!!
  7. Are raisins soaking in something at this point.......Doug?
  8. To Scott I start any project I'm unsure of with two phrases. "what could go wrong?" and "How hard could it be?" Then somewhere in the middle of said project comes "well from here on out it should be nothing but problems!" These motivational saying can get me through most things with only mild emotional scarring. :) There is something much more aggressive about one of these over a katana, you have to kind of feel it.
  9. Thanks for all the replies Guys! Jake all the sori plus a bit more was forged in, as I tend to lose a bit when I quench in parks50 whether I controlled it or not I'm not sure Get on the bandwagon guys it's a fun type of blade to make although wrapping the handle the way I did meant I had 4 pieces of cord the were 25' (thats FEET) long! It was problematic to keep them straight and untangled
  10. Just want to start off by saying I had this blade forged, ground and heat treated (at least twice!) before Jesus posted his nagamaki so I'm not following a trend I just got beaten to the punch(what a punch though ) 24.5” long, 1.62” at it’s widest, almost .375” thick with almost .75” of sori. it’s a san mai blade with a core of W2 wrapped in a jacket of 750 layers of laminated 1075/1045 all from Aldo. This has got to be one of the wickedest things I’ve made. Mounted as a nagamaki(long wrappings) it has a copper habaki, titanium seppa, and a heat colored hammer finished Zirconium tsuba. Lacquered rayskin wrap on tsuka with arrow menuki, antique iron fuchi, buffalo horn kashira and with my custom cord braiding over the 19.5” handle. This is a beast with a extremely active hamon. This is availble on my website
  11. Is this Aldo's 1075 or is it from "another supplier" Aldos has a lot less maganese than run of the mill(ironic) 1075
  12. How about royal oak or cowboy charcoal? You can usually get them at loews or home depot
  13. "If there's more than one reasonable answer to the question of what the meaning of life is, then surely there's more than one way to get a squiggly line on a knife." Walter Sorrells 5/16/14 I might have to change my signature phrase! PS Beautiful blade as always and kind of makes me think of doing some water quenches again
  14. Just because you didn't put clay on it doesn't mean there isn't a hamon!
  15. Tru Grit also has some silicon carbide belts that I use with a water drip system up to 500 or 600, they last for a while with water and they're like $4.00 a belt. I've never had much luck with the trizacts, they work great for 5 mins then I might as well be rubbin' it against my leg. I use the blue norax belts for 120 and 220.
  16. Great Job Scott! The texture in the ebony/horn, is that natural or did you carve that in?
  17. Just for reference Scott the latest Yoshihara/Kapp book (which has a lot of the same material as "the craft" just with lots of color pictures) it shows Yoshindo taking old nails and other pieces of steel and making orishigane out of it. They also shows them using borax and a belt grinder...oh the horror!
  18. My guess is it's borax with steel/iron powder in it. I've also seen Japanese smiths use straight borax also.
  19. Great video!!! I liked seeing when he put the handle on he was holding it by the blade and then banged it on the floor!(gasp!) I do that, and always thought they would never do such a thing in the homeland!
  20. I seem to remember in the craft of the japanese sword they said it would be done in two maybe three welding operations. I can't reference because someone has borrowed that book and I haven't got it back.
  21. Japanese smiths cut the tip the way you've shown so that the grain of their laminated steel won't run off the tip of the sword, but instead follow along the edge to the spine.
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