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  1. Folks I have been away for quite some time, and I have been super impressed by the amount of Hamons I am seeing. I plan on being back in my forge very soon as I just bought a house and need to get my old shop moved to the new location.
  2. What does the RR Anchor look like as there are several rail ways where I love
  3. Well JPH has it and I hope that whom ever ends up with it enjoys it as much as I did crating it
  4. Yes it can be done, as I have see the geometry of the blade and if your careful you can adjust it purely by the stones.
  5. I love it Jeff and sorry been super busy, how is the Wakizashi going?
  6. I am truly sorry I missed today Sunday, as the wife woke with a Migraine headache so I decided to stay home to watch the kids. It was good to see old friends and I made a lot of new friends, so cheers to everyone. Hope to see everyone next year.
  7. Hey quick question, parking? Where will we be parking at? And if I missed it some where my apologies.
  8. That's how I started I wanted to understand steel first and foremost before I attempted any Japanese Style Blades. Then i started with several Tanto trying different steels and heat treat methods.
  9. The blade looks fantastic, and you did a great job forging as with all things in life this one leave very little room for error. Like I stated earlier you can always take away from a blade, you just can't add back once you start filing.
  10. Well today was a great day forging with Jeff Fogleboch, he brought with him a deep desire to want to learn how to forge new sugata types, and he ended up forging a nice Hira-Zukuri Wakizshi, as I am sure he will post some images of it very soon. We talk and laughed and he watched, and listened and applied this to his blade, I helped when asked or when I heard the hammer hitting wrong. Overall Jeff you did a fantastic job and I really want to see progress pictures of the wak before you bring it back for heat treating.
  11. I have tons of known steel, these were free and I really just wanted to know if any one had any working knowledge of the bars as to whether they are decent carbon steel, Like I said before the spark test says medium carbon maybe higher. I apologize if this thread came off as a noob question, just was looking for a little more info. I actually think I can make a very good blade from it, I even think I can water quench the steel as well. Well worth a try at least.
  12. Post Hole Digging bar The link below is just for image purposes the one I have is antique, but the look is simlar http://www.amleo.com/digger-bar-all-steel-70in/p/0469/?kc=amlshop16n&mkwid=sSTRijs4V|dc&pcrid=51228666952&pkw=&pmt=&plc=&kc=&gclid=Cj0KEQiA0sq2BRDRt6Scrqj71vQBEiQAg5bj00ROe9EIpXxa4Qar0flIDHcMXIIvvHVN38QhHO8-ihIaAqE58P8HAQ
  13. Ok I have access to several old Digging Irons, and I was wondering what type of steel are they. I spark tested the bar and it sprayed like Medium carbon steel in the 1050 range, and each bar did not spark test the same one looked to have more carbon, than the others. Any thoughts on this and on the type of steel they be. Oh when I say old I mean back to the 30's maybe earlier, they do not have the look and feel of a newer bar.
  14. Everything they just said, however I have had a 50 / 50 on quenching 1095 in water, I found that no matter that I did I could not get above that ratio and I believe it is the batch of steel I got. I have a 90% success rate quenching W-2 in water, my method is I heat the water to around 120 degrees this help prevent shock to the blade and yet allows it to get under the curve in the few seconds it takes to form martensite. But every now and then I live on the edge and quench at room temp. Now something that some of you have failed to mention is brine water, I will say no more other than
  15. Looking forward to any and all pilgrims who want to learn
  16. So finally I have a weekend that is not being eaten by family and friends. So I plan on coming this year.
  17. Those words are so very true and mean a lot to me.
  18. My shop is always open, well on Saturdays it is open LOL and I plan on being at the Fire and Brimstone this year.
  19. If your new to bladesmithing and or your thinking about doing Japanese Style Blades please feel free to hit me up, my shop is open to any one who want to come by and learn or just shoot the crap about blades. I am located in Cascade MD so if your close enough please feel free to contact me or email me to set up a time to stop by. Knowledge is power and I see a ton of up and coming smiths asking questions, well what better way to answer them, than to have you up to my shop to do some one on one work.
  20. The mekugi ana location is usually three fingers back from the mune-machi some times four depending on how big your fingers are, you have to factor in the length of the habaki plus any fittings and or the shira-saya.
  21. Thanks Kevin I am very busy in my shop and I have reached a point in my forging of Japaneses style blades that I now want to understand how to make my own steel and that I want to see if plain carbon steel and iron are any better than the commercial W2 that I use. Yes apprentices we very valuable however my apprentice has other duties that he has to learn. LOL Joshua that anvil is a 300 lbs Saw makers Anvil that I traded for 4 Katana which I am still working on. That beast took two of us to lift and get it set on the current platform it is on. It has excellent rebound and zero ring
  22. So I have been out of sorts as of late and I have been feeling wore out from working on customer blades and just trying to be happy about what I do. So I decided to do my first, what I want to call a true Japanese katana using no mechanical means at all. So here is the first in a series of videos on the forging of my first Oroshigane / Tamahagane Katana the billet was made for me by Ilya of the Baltimore Knife Works thanks Ilya Forging the Sunobe https://youtu.be/XbYwVvc9g_A Forging the Nakago https://youtu.be/YtkFOLJVmcQ Forging the Mune Part 1 https://youtu.be
  23. Sorry this blade had sold a while ago I for got that I even posted it here. Sorry
  24. Jim That blade is sweet and I am glad all is getting well with your hand. I will be calling you this weekend at some point as I put the finish weld on my first forge welded piece.
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