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  1. I forged this damascus sandwich, its O1+nickelsteel and O1 core. Very solid 7 mm thick, 35 cm blade. Looking solid through, I shall make it into big english style bowie. "Bear hunter" The core comes out evenly, at the moment I have about 3,5 mm left on main grind, then the clip, the HT and so on.
  2. Drawn directly over the photo, doing kind of that. I like that particular knife but I want to modernise it slightly.
  3. How long is the handle overall please?
  4. Really nobody has any knowledge of randalls?
  5. I would take some, but its just about 8000 miles or something away....
  6. Camp knife my pupil made out of that big billet we forged last weekend. O1 edge.
  7. Gentlemen, how long is the handle on Randal 14, border patrol version (no finger grooves). Or does anybody have a blueprint. Thanks.
  8. My young pupil is now making big campknife from that damascus/O1 sandwich we forged last weekend.
  9. 450X60 mm damach sandwich (O1 inside). Forged with my pupil in about 3,5 hours.
  10. Not much for a while, but a buddy of mine filmed my homemade powerhammer. buchar.mp4
  11. Screwed up the eye a bit (after I punched it perfectly on the press, as I didnt had the mandrel and made one afterwards. Water quench. The chap wanted me to grind it clean. Also to run my forge and forge by hand is like burning euros these days Next time better.
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