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  1. Thanks Doug. It needs to go 3X more into fire - straightening, normalisation, HT and then temper in my kitchen owen. Lots of work on it still.
  2. That is the edge lenght. Its bit hefty.
  3. Well this should be smaller, but I got carried away. 34 cm, there is german carbon steel sandwiched in the middle, but you cannot see that yet, because the grind stops just before the core, which is just about 1 mm thick.
  4. I did remade the main axle with bearings. The bronze bushing were too tight and was seasing up. But I have used 60 mm bearings on 40 mm axle, because the housing is bigger and I hope it will withstand more punishment that way. Get it up there all assembled was no easy task. It turns much better now.
  5. I got more pictures back, I think the leather came out fine.
  6. I think the visuals are comming alright. Needs more filling.
  7. No drawing I think I just play it by the ear.
  8. It begs for an S-guard, does it?
  9. Thank you Clint, I hope to finish it scagelesque style this week.
  10. This is not that a big one. 290x60x4,5 mm, with tang 430 mm long. 54Sic. I am gonna fit it as a half tang or as a hidden tang into a deer antler roll. I think it needs S shaped guard. Jaro.
  11. This is the video of welding of rather hefty initial packet. The sword will be for my friend Erik, who is helping on the press. And the welding of the tip. The tip cut.
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