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  1. Its actually forged 52100. The tang is fully taperred.
  2. Done. The blade is actually ball bearing encased in AK5 stainless, which I first overforged somehow, as its quite bit softer under hammer than 52100 and then it etched also quite dark, which I didnt expected. The chloride eats it like nothing. Well well. Next time.
  3. Now to file the bronze. Darn work I need small mill.
  4. The spine si progressively sharper towards the tip and quite dagger like right there.
  5. This is ball bearing core with two strips of thick saw and some stainless over it. But I kind of overforged the stainless. Its gonna be interesting etched though.
  6. Glued it together finally. This is gonna be good for a pig roast.
  7. And a bit of grinding later..... I think it will etch better once hardened.
  8. Its flat now, about 120 layers on each side and edge from german carbon steel san maied in the middle. I think the pattern will really come out when I grind it.
  9. You need to stuck burning newspapers into the intake.
  10. Its one of easiest heat treats around...... Except my would go tad soft with that amount of tempering. I use just tesco canola frying oil, works like charm with mosts springs. I have recently tested one blade from this. Not a substantial piece of metal, but I just could not break it. Chipped slightly on the nail, but that game is more about the edge geometry and this was quite thin.
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