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  1. And the core starts to manifest itself under the grind. I will get some crystalic activity from the cladding too, I think, after the quench.
  2. Why not go to scrapyard and get a car turbo.
  3. Thanks man, there is bit of a work on that one yet.
  4. Thank you Joshua, I need to learn how to colour the damascus better, the blade is bit bleak.
  5. Thickness of the blade 1,7 mm. Very hard and sharp.
  6. Well sattler I am not. Given the size of the knife this is about a half of a cow.
  7. I love the blade, but altogether it sets me off.
  8. My friend who has the knife made himself very nice sheath. I think I share.
  9. Cap from deer bone, set up into the homemade cuttlers resin at the end of the handle.
  10. Inspired by find in Pohansko. Just monosteel this time.
  11. This has been lying on my bench for some time, it sure is a work to have 4 hours a week for your hobby.
  12. Actually years ago the by far best arrowsmith around was Mark Stretton, my friend who also made a DVD forging medieval arrowheads - his process makes about the best socket there is.
  13. 50RC is all I would want from edge. My question is why havent the core hardened at all, when the sawblades I use go martensitic like nothing. I think they overtempered it. Thanks for advice on the tempering,
  14. I hate this, last time I have done it by hand on ball bearing blade of about 60RC I swore never again. How hard is your material? My friend shapes a piece of grinding stone and does it with it, but on sword its only about 50RC,thats pretty effective once the grinding paste forms.
  15. Hello, I forged this blank sword blade with edges from DIN C45W and the core mix is construction steel+saw blade (nickel steel, but not quite L6) about 1:1. This is for my friend, who is gonna finish is. Its well welded, everythink came alright, but he sent it to hardening service, the edges came out RC 50, but as whole its soft and bends (as a 6 mm flat blank). When I have done it I honestly thought the hardening problem will be the other way around, that is - the core will end up too hard as the saw steel hardens like for no reason, but its the other way around. I honestly think, they botched it. Now I am going to do it myself. What do you think. It should be at least bit springy I think. I would quench this from about 860 C in hot oil and not temper too much. (20 mint at 180 C)
  16. Its actually forged 52100. The tang is fully taperred.
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