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  1. Freezing a tank is a function of how fast the gas is pulled off and volume of the container. I can't explain the physics but you should be fine with one burner and the bottle you have. Yes, that's the forge the fellow had at our meeting that impressed several of our more experienced members. The beauty of it is the cost for what you get. Lots of people here can build a better forge but we can't do it faster for less money. The burner seemed especially nicely built and designed. The same people offer a two burner model. The experience you gain building and running that
  2. I couldn't figure that either! I had a Johnson very much like that except it had a blower and said somewhere on it heat treat forge. I left it covered outside for some years then got the guy who gave it to me to take it back when I was cleaning up. It's now sitting outside his shop. Geoff makes lots of good points. At our last guild meet a fellow brought a pretty nice looking 1 burner forge he picked up on Amazon complete with hose and regulator for under $100. Less than the cost of the #100 bottle you will need to run that Johnson. I'm betting that forge will freeze
  3. Both gantry and jib cranes have advantages and disadvantages. With a mostly dirt floor this homemade jib set up has served me well. It'll pick up things from a truck and swing to my big welding table. Last big piece I handled was 1800 pounds 6.5" X 10.5" X over 7' into the bandsaw and positioned for cutting into blocks. I cut #9000 into blocks last year or so, and loaded them into trucks, SUVs, and even car trunks. Really a #600 into an Impala trunk. None were lifted by hand. The electric hoist is wonderful but over #1000 I have to use the manual one. The advantage is I don't need to keep the
  4. Best ever 2 hours of fishing! Here are a few. The fat one was 24" and some 19 to 20".
  5. Could have been. Each of us had 1100 pounds at one time. I now have his roll out behind my shop if you ever need a piece. 4" X 1/8"
  6. My guess is with Alan. Not only temp but time as well. 30 minute soak is way too long in my opinion. I judged welding heat by the appearance of flux. Yes I put flux on the outside of the canister just as a temperature indicator. When I could see welding heat on the outside of the canister, maybe another 5 to 10 minutes for the core to catch up. Never really timed it. Some stainless crumbles like that as well in extreme heat for long times. Way way back I laid a piece of ss in the forge floor trying to keep the billet clean. Pretty quickly I was seeing small crumbles of the ss being forged into
  7. Is your pedal set up for toe down ram down? I built mine that way and found it clumsy right off, reversed it to heal down and not so awkward after that. At least it works for me.
  8. Think of the air above and below the piston in a pneumatic cylinder in a broad sense as the spring in a mechanical hammer. Gas is easy to move fast and compressible, Fluid is more difficult to move fast in volume and is not compressible. Most of us can only provide around 175 psi in air but hydraulic pumps commonly produce 2500 to 3000 psi. If you pick up a pneumatic cylinder it's easy to move the rod by hand a hydraulic cylinder is much more difficult to move due to the friction from the rings being designed to stand a few thousand psi. The hammer I'm using right now had a hydraulic cylinder,
  9. I just remembered a couple more local attractions someone might find interesting. If you are into diving check out https://grayquarry.com And if Paleontology is of interest see https://www.etmnh.org Both like 15 min from the airport and around 20 minutes from the hammer-in. If you have family along that gets bored by what we will be doing.
  10. When you get here you'll be in the App-a-LATCH-un mountains. There are no App-a-LAY-shun mountains around here .
  11. Speaking of Tomahawks: I've heard there will be a nice one in the Iron-in-the-Hat!
  12. Probably not much chance of a room in Jonesborough since this is the weekend of the National Storytelling Festival there. https://www.storytellingcenter.net/festival/main/ But there is some great info about lodging in many local towns on the "Plan Your Trip" page. Could be a nice thing if you are bringing family that doesn't want to be at our event. Tickets to the storytelling seem pricey to me, but admittedly I'm old and out of touch with things like that. Alex, I see you list fishing in your interest. We have some clean mountain lakes (bass and walleye) and some of the best tr
  13. I wonder why this suddenly popped into my head! Anyone know what steels are used in concrete nails? I can think of 3 types. The round pointed black ones with a head, the almost headless cut type and those slick ones used in a power load tool. I'm thinking in a canister. A quick search here and on G didn't tell much.
  14. Don't know about your Toledo but this old Ridgid threader has been a joy to have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVvFLsFNwu4
  15. I think I know where that one was going and I'm .
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