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  1. I say fifty one sixty, same as if I was giving a phone number I would say fifty five fifty five instead of five five five five, saves time.
  2. Can someone show me some pics or diagrams for the geomety of the cutting points on various gravers? I have asked around but the professional gravers general response is " well you wont get anything done unless you buy a $500 dollar air graver made from super X tool steel , and fork over another 10 grand for me to teach you how to use it" All i want to do is try to learn enough engraving to do borders on lockplates and hammers for muzzleoaders.
  3. not sure how the JB weld will hold up to the hammering but it is said to withstand up to 600 degree temps, my friend used it to patch his muffler.
  4. One time i didnt have cable so i twsited together bailing wire repetedly with a electric hand drill and welded it up.
  5. Absolutely amazing work Jiri, I love the warhammer at the bottom and the "spontoon" or dagger shaped axe, but all your work looks very nice.
  6. washers. very small ones made from the same stuff as your pins, i have a punch I made to cut them out of a copper or brass strip, it s a pin punch with a 1/4" section that steps down to a 1/8" section, with shoulder sharpened so it punches a 1/8" hole and then cuts a 1/4" washer around the hole.
  7. I read somewhere that when casting copper you should attach a rope to the mold and swing it around your head when the metal is still molten this way centripital force will draw the copper into all the little corners of the mold.
  8. If its a spring then it should make a good knife, 5160 or not it ought to hold an edge, at east all the knvives i made from random springs worked great theycome out real tough and while they may not hold an edge as good as a knife made of say O1 or W2 spring steel makes very tough durable knives.
  9. Red hot burner tip is what caused my venturi to hiccup n' sputter, pulled her out and the end of the burner was actually burnt, the metal was like charcoal and fell aprt in my hands, new burner tip got made but with this damn recession i cant veen afford propane to test it.
  10. I ran my charcoal forge with a shop vac on a rheostt for quite some time, and i have even run my drill press on the same rheostat ( I think i was wrapping wire onto somehting) any way justmy 0.02,
  11. Hey i payed 500 US for my 200 pound vulcan, and am very happy with it.
  12. Whoa i didnt mean to offend, i was just joking around. I respect both you and Mr.Fogg and am amzed by your work, it was your book "te complete bladesmith" that gave me my start as well as countless others, and i hope to learn more from you duringyour stay here, once again sorry if i seemed like an ass.
  13. Well from the description of the substance I would put forth the hypothesis that what you have there is a bag of grade A primo, uncut beach sand. It should work fine for annealing.
  14. I always wondered why i havent seen you around here, i figured you and don had a sort of Biggy Tupac thing going.
  15. charcoal is usually cleaner burning than coal, but beleive me it burns fast and you need a hood over your forge to catch errant sparks. I strongly suggest propane as my charcoal forge took a 20 dollar bag of charcoal to run for two short forging sessions, whereas with propane a 5 gal can will last almost a week of forging almost everyday.
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