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  1. Jim P

    Forging Handle Fixtures

    Neat idea, I wouldn't of guessed that's how you did it.
  2. Jim P

    First brass casting :-(

    Let us see how the next one comes out I want to try this for a dagger............ some day
  3. Jim P

    New Vice and Stand

    That's a cool idea thanks for sharing, I have a vise I have to mount and just the piece of I beam.
  4. Jim P

    Got my hammer

    I was going to buy one of the quick and dirty tools power hammers but a smith who recently passed away had just built one in a workshop or build along that quick and dirty runs, and his widow sold it to me. I'm very grateful as I have wanted a hammer or a press for about 5 years now. I didn't even know anybody made tire hammers to sell until about a month ago. It took all day to go up and get it and come back. I just finished getting it into my shop, it weighs about 900 lbs and a friend drove his forklift from about 5 miles away to my house and took it out of my dads truck and into my shop for me. Of course the shop I picked it up at is full of stuff and I had to buy a swage block that was sitting there. I have wanted one of those for years now ever since seeing Herschel House use one. I don't think the guy used the hammer, it had tested written on it in chalk. Here's a picture of the swage block it has to weigh close to 180-200 lbs Anyway thanks for looking and if you're in the northwest and you're looking for a hammer quick and dirty tools makes them.
  5. Jim P

    Old made new

    I was wondering where you have been, sorry to hear about your arm. Nice work as always.
  6. Jim P

    A couple of new ones

    Wow Geoff they look great, I really like the bowie.
  7. Jim P

    Big Knife

    Love the fit on that one, the last two pictures that show the slight rounding on the mokume, looks very hard to do. Very nice.
  8. Jim P

    African Blackwood Fighter

    Very inspiring thank you for sharing. I love the grind you got on that one.
  9. Jim P

    ABS hammerin at NESM 2015

    We need a northwest version of that, thanks for sharing.
  10. Jim P

    Rosewood Bowie

    Looks great I like the fittings very nice, and a nice fit.
  11. Jim P

    Medieval Knife

    Thank you, I'm looking it up right now. Edit: amazon $24.00
  12. Jim P

    Medieval Knife

    I like it, I like how you did the handle. Nice sheath never thought of hemp either. I'm always curious about books which book did you get the idea from?
  13. Jim P

    Damascus 5" Kitchen Utility

    I like the way you say dishwasher tolerant, a relative couldn't understand my being upset when I found my ironwood handled kitchen knife in the dishwasher. It looks like it would be great at trimming meat.
  14. Jim P

    Stag Handled Hunter

    Wes, I like it, the first thing I noticed was the copper rivets on your sheath, they go good with the fittings, what can I say I like copper. Nice shape and size too, and a good looking piece of antler.
  15. Jim P

    Walrus and Cable

    That is just beautiful Wade.