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  1. I was going to buy one of the quick and dirty tools power hammers but a smith who recently passed away had just built one in a workshop or build along that quick and dirty runs, and his widow sold it to me. I'm very grateful as I have wanted a hammer or a press for about 5 years now. I didn't even know anybody made tire hammers to sell until about a month ago. It took all day to go up and get it and come back. I just finished getting it into my shop, it weighs about 900 lbs and a friend drove his forklift from about 5 miles away to my house and took it out of my dads truck and into my shop for me.


    Of course the shop I picked it up at is full of stuff and I had to buy a swage block that was sitting there. I have wanted one of those for years now ever since seeing Herschel House use one.


    I don't think the guy used the hammer, it had tested written on it in chalk.


    Hammer in truck.jpg


    Here's a picture of the swage block it has to weigh close to 180-200 lbs


    Swage block.jpg


    Anyway thanks for looking and if you're in the northwest and you're looking for a hammer quick and dirty tools makes them.

  2. Wes, I like it, the first thing I noticed was the copper rivets on your sheath, they go good with the fittings, what can I say I like copper. Nice shape and size too, and a good looking piece of antler.

  3. Kenon: I'm about 40 minutes from Eugene (where I work) up HWY 58 on the Willamette pass, so I drive to Eugene daily. Philomath is a nice little town.


    Owen: If I had space and money I could like them way too much as well.


    I have been doing this for a while but as I'm getting old, I mean...... older, I'm feeling it more and more. I want to still do this when I'm "old" and I will in some way or another.

    But I have decided to buy an ironkiss hopefully this fall, I have been in contact with John Larson at iron kiss and I'm impressed. I don't know if there's help for our "addiction".

  4. I just got back from a vacation at the Oregon coast. One of the highlights was getting to run a 60 KG Say-mak hammer. I met a blacksmith online last week, and he just happens to live right next to where our


    family was vacationing. I don't know much about power hammers but I decided earlier this year to buy one or a hydraulic press. I have been looking a lot online. Now I have to buy one.


    To me it's like a belt grinder in that it won't make you any better but it saves time. One heat, holy crap it moves the metal, and you don't even have to run it wide open.


    Anyway, thanks for listening. Now I have to go clean the shop and make some room, but it will be a little easier to do.

  5. You can also get 4" flap wheels for the disc grinder Dave mentioned, they're seem affordable but I haven't used them personally. Check MSC I know they have them. I bought a Ryobi last year, the handle twists 90 degrees it works good as a cut off wheel that way and I like mine.

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