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  1. I like your work, thanks for sharing with us, welcome to the forum. Do you have a picture of the entire knife on the left fourth row down, with the white/ivory handle?
  2. Beautiful Wade, nice shape to it, I really like it.
  3. Very nice work Tomas.
  4. I work with a bunch of guys who are avid salmon and steelhead fisherman, on a religious level. And I would do the same thing, one asked for a hand made fillet knife and I show them the completed blanks in the catalogs, I want to try some stainless some time, but not a fillet knife for a first. I love curly maple too.
  5. Nice, I like it. Out of curiosity, how does it fit with the saya? Does the paracord provide enough friction?
  6. I like the shape of the handle what is the dark material? I like the cutout on the sheath too.
  7. Very nice, I like how the bolster came out; very nice flow to it. Very good look to it overall.
  8. Very nice work Ben I like everything about them.
  9. Are you looking to stamp your whole name or just your initials?
  10. Nice package I like the pattern, sheath, handle everything, nice work.
  11. I like your work James, that would go good with a flat dark earth colored project I'm working on.
  12. Wow Ben that's really beautiful.
  13. I always try to look at your posts I don't know how I missed this but it just takes me back a step. I have just been sitting here looking at it again and wow! Amazing isn't descriptive enough. Thanks for sharing all of that with us. Oh and I love finding feathers when I'm out in the woods too, I always wonder. Thank you.
  14. What the others have said. Just gorgeous, the whole thing.
  15. Very nice, nice pattern and it looks comfortable to use. I like the shape of the point, it looks like a good field dressing knife, other than it looks too good to use for that. I like it.
  16. I like it, very nice on the handle.
  17. That is a beautiful knife. That's a lot of work, I had to really look at it next to the dime to really get the perspective.
  18. I think it looks good, more people than you think appreciate the time that goes into crafted things. I just cringe when I see my loved ones taking them out of a dishwasher, but hey that's just me. Edit: that's a really nice holder too.
  19. Beautiful! without the pictures I wouldn't of guessed soldering, fitting something like that with a solid piece would probably drive me mad. Come to think of so would the soldering. That is just a wonderful piece, thanks for the pictures.
  20. Very nice work, I have never held one but they look interesting.
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