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  1. Congrats on the first deer. My first with a muzzleloader was a little farm doe, best eating I ever had. I agree, it's great to use your own knives, especially when you're outdoors. Never thought about knife handles. I had a Rem. 1858 revolver and it was filthy after shooting, never had a chain fire, my friend did. I couldn't hit a soccer ball at 15 feet with it. I bought a single shot percussion .50 pistol, wanted a .45 flint but they didn't have them, I may convert it. Thought about making a pistol after watching pirates of the carribean too many times. I think it's a queen anne style, maybe
  2. Charlie, glad to see another frontstuffer here, do you have any flintlocks? I hunt grouse and quail, my favorite, with a 20 ga. trade gun. I use the pump if I don't have the time. And I have a couple of .45 percussion rifles I do a little deer hunting with. For any of you that haven't tried them they are fun. They're not for everyone though. I reload for my '91 mauser they are good guns for being so old. I want to buy an AK or a saiga but not right now. Had a 7.5 swiss straight pull, wish I hadn't sold it. that was a good gun too. My wife said no more guns for a while, and I don't really ow
  3. I can't see what that has to do with it. So what, if he doesn't like the quality of your work or your price and complains that's one thing. I know how it feels to need money but, I would of left too. You were right with what you did. Chin up. Jim
  4. Jim P

    didn't go right

    I made a guy at work a sheath and charged him just for the materials. He stiffed me on that one, then someone saw me working on skinning knife and wanted one just like it. They paid me half when I got the handles glued on. Being young and stupid, when it was finished. I gave it to them, never got a dime more out of them. I started giving them away, after I made one, I would find someone that liked it and just give it to them. No, I don't have any right now. Jim I guess that's more customer than bladesmith related, sorry.
  5. Would you be interested in some round 1045/1050 its chrome plated. 3"-10" pieces 2-5" and up diameter?
  6. Those are damn nice for $75.00, I had a guy at work with stiff me on a sheath. Now I have to do the same thing. So much for handshakes. Jim
  7. I like it, nice scrimshaw work. How small is it?
  8. Jim, I agree with you about the files. They're not as noisy either, it's nice to listen to music without earplugs and it's pretty quick. I'm going to try the clay soon thanks for sharing. Jim
  9. Cool, I like it. It has a seax look to it, I would like to see it finished. Congrat's on getting married. I hear you about being busy, were absolutely burried at work. I've been without a shop for over a year and a half. I found a blade I forged before we moved and a guy at work really likes it. So I have something to keep me busy. Yeah, isn't Audra beautiful, I met her at the Eugene show, she's a nice person and she makes great knives too. Jim
  10. Thanks for sharing. Amazing, beautiful, work.
  11. I never thought of titanium that's a good idea. If you had access to a lathe you could turn the steel to press fit the TI manifold. I thought of putting on a thin layer of refractory cement but I'm afraid it would reduce the flame. Or a ceramic sleeve if I could find one the right size.
  12. I've never used one. Looks like a shaving little bugger. What did you make it out of? It's great making and using your own tools.
  13. I have to make another one, I never thought of the flame being centered making it more quiet. Did you use stainless on the end to keep it from eroding so quickly? What type of stainless did you use? Maybe, when I get mine made I'll post it here.
  14. I like the handle it looks comfortable, the whole piece looks medieval. How did that work out in your one brick forge?
  15. Ray, very nice I like it. I'll have to try something like it, thanks, Jim.
  16. I bought a drift from Centaur forge before they changed hands. If they still have them they're worth it. A good target helps a lot. They're a lot of fun.
  17. Nicely done, I never thought of doing a railroad spike hawk like that.
  18. WOW! I'm not yet up to making folders, that is awesome. Beautiful work. Jim
  19. Too bad about not being able to go. I wish I could go. Fraud really sucks, I hate thieves. It is nice to be able get out and work, especially when you have a bad day. It does make you feel better. Making your own beer is great too(and you feel pretty good after a couple). I might have to make some this weekend. Jim
  20. Thank you, there is a page in there that is just what I was looking for. Jim
  21. Fantastic, I love the lizards. All of it is nice, Lucky man.
  22. Jim P


    Nice to meet you. I'm new my self, I lurked for about a month before joining. Nice group of people, lots of great information.
  23. I'm from Pennsylvania, moved to Oregon in 1977. I've had a few different jobs but machining stuck for me. What can I say I love working with metal. I work in a custom hydraulic cylinder shop, for a corporation. And I do a little blacksmithing and knife making for fun. I saw a Daniel Winkler knife when I was a teenager, that got me started. The guys at work think I'm nuts, I work all day just to go home and work on knives and other metal projects. The whole blacksmithing, mountain man, bagpipe, beermaking thing makes some of them wonder. My shop is now done, anyone here is welcome.
  24. Just got here a little while ago, great site. Daniel, just curious, why do you need to hold .0004, that's pretty tight. If you use it a lot you will be money and time ahead to but a good one.
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