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  1. Looks good, I especially like the bog oak.
  2. That is beautiful Wes, I have a piece of Koa I'm saving for something worthy, I'll have to try the waterlox.
  3. That is one cool folder, I like the hatchet too especially the finish, 1050 isn't too bad for that.
  4. Teaser is correct, I love to see your work.
  5. Ben that is beautiful, nice fit on everything, beautiful. The copper is a nice touch too.
  6. John I'm glad to see you back at it, I like seeing your work.
  7. The fittings on the pukko are excellent, I like the flow and shape of the handle and everything there. Jealous and inspired.
  8. I have made some good knives from files.The first one had a wicked point to it but I like the second one best how did you get the color on that one? Do you have any sheaths made for them?
  9. Very nice work Roman I really like the texture on the bronze. The walnut looks good too everything goes together, nice package.
  10. Very nice, looking forward to more.
  11. Beautiful looking blade.
  12. Sorry about the hand Miles, your knives look good.
  13. I like it Kevin, I like cherry it's nice to work with.
  14. Cool, maybe when I was 35 I could of pulled it once or twice. I love the horn nocks.
  15. It looks good, I would have to gind the bevels in.
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