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  1. I'm sure your co-worker will like it, I have made several for the guys I work with, I'm not an expert on using files but after annealing them I always grind off as much of the teeth on the sides as I can. I leave a few on the spine, some people think it looks cool.
  2. Nice I like it. The bolster looks really good I like how you grooved the wood to match, nice fit too.
  3. That is a beautiful dagger Wade I really like shape and how you did the handle, the cleaver looks nice too has sort of an offset ulu look.
  4. Looks wicked sharp, I like it.
  5. Very nice Wes I like everything about it.
  6. Looks really great, I like the curl at the choil too.
  7. Very nice thanks for posting the extra pictures of the work in progress. I had to go back and look again, beautiful workmanship.
  8. Very nice, I have several old school knives and I like them. I had to start wearing glasses recently too it's embarrassing when people point out scuff marks you can't see anymore. Beautiful wood and I like the rivets.
  9. Cool never heard of one before but cool, nice hammer in the first picture too!
  10. Nice looking knife, the handle looks great almost too nice I used to work in a kitchen and have seen good knives abused. The swell in the middle looks more comfortable than the square one.
  11. I like the cord wrap on that it looks good.
  12. That is beautiful Charles, I wish I had half the patience you do. Kevin is a lucky man.
  13. Very nice work, thanks for the tip on the sheath I wondered how that was done.
  14. Looks great Mark I would leave it as natural as you can, but then I'm weird that way.
  15. I like the look of the burned oak I'll have to try that. I don't know what kind I have it's from Texas but I don't peen the pins I'm afraid of cracking it I do start with a large pilot though. I have some steel like that, I was told it came off a buckboard or a cart and it has voids like that in it.
  16. Walter I really like your work, thanks for the youtube videos I have been enjoying them.
  17. Very cool the Turks head is a nice touch, I'll have to learn to tie one.
  18. Sorry I missed this the first time, that is a beautiful one. I like a little forged finish too and that is an excellent fit on the guard/bolster. Nice smooth arc at the ricasso too looks comfortable to hold.
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