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  1. Nice work George, I like the one with the bog oak the most, great looking sheaths too I really like Celtic artwork.
  2. Thanks very much guys.
  3. The scales are really cool, I like it.
  4. I made this for a young guy at work. We were throwing away some O-1 in the tooling dept. and so he comes up to me all innocent and asks, Jim can you help me make a knife out of this? So after I talked him out of a gladius looking dagger I took it home and used it for sanding tangs for about a year. It was 2" wide and perfectly flat and I had told him he would have to wait, well I think he gave up on me because when I told him I was actually working on it he acted surprised and when I showed it to him he grinned so big, that was definitely a Kodak moment. I had some cocobolo that was th
  5. I conned my wife into helping me in the shop this morning. I ground the point like a sheep foot to start out with then forged it from there. My wife was sick yesterday so I didn't get her for long but we forged this in about 6 heats. It was nice of her to hold the bar for me in the first place. You can get a lot done when you have the bigger hammer and just focus on the "whacking" I know it's the same width as the parent stock I forged the edges then stretched it out and then straightened it. The edge is under 1/8" thick. I now people aren't thirlled about seeing burnt steel I show th
  6. That's a beautiful one wade.
  7. Very nice, the ace of spades reminds me of a bell dirk.
  8. Nice one, the iron gives it a neat look. I don't know what the texture is like but it looks interesting, in a good way. The copper and antler go together really good.
  9. Looks good Wes, the finish on the copper and the blade look great together.
  10. That is beautiful, the inlay really sets it off, very nice.
  11. That is a beautiful piece of work, I would like to see any more pictures you have. Great idea with the round file I would never have thought of that, thanks for sharing.
  12. Nicely done, the finish on the handle is especially beautiful.
  13. Congrats she sounds like a keeper. I like your work.
  14. I usually try to get enough for more materials, and I still give some away but that's a beautiful sheath; I agree with Phil on that, as I'm not much of a sheath maker. I have never seen one with brass fittings like that, but 250 is a good deal in my opinion. I'd like the etching better if it was MacLeod though.
  15. Looks great Ben, beautiful sheath. The Newhouse is a nice touch too.
  16. The wild olive looks great, nice file work too.
  17. That's a neat idea with the pine root button and hidden pins, now I'll have to go look up that book.
  18. Very interesting and very cool. Looking forward to the next ones.
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