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  1. thanks again The Russian olive is stabilized, and it worked pretty much like any stabilized wood and took a nice, smooth finish. I bought several pieces from Alpha Knife supply a while back and I think they may still have some in stock. Here's another example on a knife I did quite a while ago (one of my first, actually)
  2. Thanks for the kind words guys guarnera, my apologies - it's a spacer. And thank you for correcting me - I've made that mistake before but I won't make it again.
  3. I posted this on another forum last week but wanted to share it with this audience as well. I named this the traveler, as I drew inspiration for this knife from several distant areas on the globe. The clay-induced and polished hamon shows clear Japanese influence, while the blade shape borrows a bit from German hunting swords as well as the Persian fighters popularized by a very talented bladesmith from Oklahoma (hat tip to my friend Brion Tomberlin). The wrought iron ferrule is old American, and the handle is Russian olive. I made the knife here in Vermont and I'll soon be sendi
  4. Looks nice! See you at the hammer-in. (Yay! free shipping!)
  5. I'd just cut them down to size and stuff them into USPS flat rate boxes
  6. Great news, everyone - I just heard from MS Christoph Deringer who will be coming to the hammer-in and will make himself available for consultation and instruction at the green coal forging station. Those of you who know Christoph and his work recognize his amazing skills with a hammer. Now you'll get a chance to see him work.
  7. Cool hammer! Bring it with you to Vermont, Matt. I wanna swing it!
  8. I really like that! Beautiful form. Real nice piece of stag there too.
  9. I just want to give everyone a quick update - We received a very good response at the Blade Show (very nice to meet some of you), and I'm receiving emails, phone calls, and completed registration forms daily. Those of you that have expressed interest to me but have not yet sent the registration form and payment, please try to get that done in the next week or so. We're now in the process of finalizing details with the caterer so I'd like to firm up the headcount sooner rather than later. Those of you that plan on going but have not contacted me yet, please know that there is still
  10. All right folks, we have a draft agenda in place. Something for everyone. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, July 20 5:00 pm: Gates open. Set up camp and warm up the anvils. Saturday, July 21 7:30 am: Coffee and donuts. Meet the presenters and attendees. 8:15 am: Official welcome and introductions. 8:30 am: Burt Foster: Forging an integral camp knife 9:45 am: Joe Szilaski: Basic Damascus 11:00 am: Dan Farr: Flat grinding and plunge cuts 12:30 pm: Lunch 1:30 pm: Burt Foster: Clay-coated heat treating 2:45 pm: Dan Farr: Design, construction, a
  11. Definitely a Vulcan. Nice, stout anvil. Vulcans tend to rebound really well.
  12. That's beautiful! How did you acquire it?
  13. Let's not forget about the New Northeast Hammer-in in Essex, Vermont this July OK, technically not between Maryland and New York but in the neighborhood
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