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    Bladesmithing, girls, oldtimer motorcycles, swords, etc.
    Also interested in collecting German Militaria from WW2, old authentic weapons, old furniture, antiques.
    This includes old Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and other European swords and bayonets as well as Ottoman yataghans, Balkan edged weapons, Celtic and Thracian battle axes, arrow tips, maces and etc.

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  1. Hi folks, I totally forgot about this topic. If it is breaking the rules, then PLEASE delete it. Regards
  2. I am selling this medieval-style broadsword (word?). It was custom made somewhere in the 1960's for a Communist colonel as a gift for his retirement. Blade is unsharpened, looks made out of stainless steel. Sheath is made of very thick and solid leather and bears a stamp with the coat of arms of the city the sword was made in. Has two pommels (tassels?), made of leather strips and sports solid brass diamond-shaped decorations. Sword mimics the look of the medieval swords that were used in my country. It's more of a wallhanger but I find it cool because it is unique, was custom made and has some history. Will let it go for $209 with shipping included. I ship overseas and accept PayPal. PHOTOS:
  3. Thanks again, Mike. I will just buy the biggest horn they have in stock.
  4. Thanks, Mike, great link. Guys, I don't have experience with horns. Can you advice me what size of a horn would suit my needs? Is the solid part at the tip of the medium-sized horns big enough for making an yataghan grip out of? Or should I go with the really, really large ones? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, long time no see! For awhile I am back in the bladesmithing world for a sword repair project of mine. I am looking for a piece of black (or dark brown) horn that is big enough to make the two wings of an yataghan grip out of it. Maybe I can take even white horn/bone, as an exception but for now I am sticking to the black stuff. Do you know any sources that can supply me with the material? Here is what I am looking for (photo taken from the internet): Thank you, gents! Svet
  6. Yeah, and it is closely related to this barrel.
  7. Hey Craig, I am glad that you like it. Thanks for taking those 30X close-ups too. I did more research on the barrel and I will post more info soon. I may also come up with something even cooler than this. Will keep it in secret for now.
  8. Yeah, this is where I posted. Don't have a premium subscription, though. maybe this was the reason why my totally legal post was qualified as "Spam". They could have just deleted it instead of ruining my reputation by labeling me a spammer. Heck, I don't know why I am posting this. I no longer care about this case.
  9. In their "For sale" section. The fuck not only deleted the content of my thread but he also especially changed its title to "SPAM". What a retard. Anyway, I'm glad that we have a happy end here.
  10. I have nothing against www.bladeforums.com - it is a great community place, pretty huge too. I didn't break any rules there, though, it is just that some stupid & totally ignorant fuck decided to play boss on me. Thanks, the barrel is gorgeous, isn't it? Its new owner will be happy with it. That's guaranteed.
  11. Thank you for your help, Mr. Cejunior. I really appreciate this. I have access to other historic items, including Turkish yataghans and other weapons. Will try to contact those museum guys in Istanbul. Meanwhile, the status on this barrel is SOLD
  12. Hey Charles, I know that there are several museum guys around here and I hope that they will see this thread. I think that Mr. Antonio "Cejunior" Conceicao Jr. is one of those museum and history people posting here but I feel really uncomfortable contacting him and offering him this historic barrel for sale. I don't want it to be destroyed and turned into a bunch of blades, but I must admit that I bought the barrels (they are two actually, the other one is almost scrap) to use them for swords and knives. Seems that the real antique market price of this thing is quite high, not to mention its historic value and the priceless info one could gain while studying it. Let's hope that everything goes OK. I already have an offer but if the museum guys see this thread, I'll be glad to discuss an eventual trade with them. PS: It's Svetlozar
  13. I am just not interested in trading steel at this stage. I am actually selling the steel I have. As for the barrel replica: I don't need one too. Told ya - I have a real thing and I am actually trying to let it go. Why would I need a replica?
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