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  1. Another stunning knife, keep them coming!
  2. Beautiful knife, great finish, I think the curves in the bolster and spacers really set off the handle.
  3. Hi Raymond, sorry to hear you have lost your knife mojo, I hope things sort themselves out as your work is in a class of its own.
  4. Great WIP Kevin, keep it coming...... simple is good
  5. Beautiful knife Karl, any chance of seeing your pipe threader twister in action? Cheers Rex
  6. Stunning! Congratulations on a well deserved win.
  7. Hi Niels, Totally enlightening and very easy to follow, keep posting!! Cheers Rex
  8. Beautiful lines, agree the handle may be a touch long but I'm sure the owner won't notice.
  9. Thanks Guys. I did wonder about the san mai spine so I might trial that. Cheers Rex
  10. Hi There. I have been been given some sheets of steel from a place that used to make high performance downhill mountain bikes. They used it for bracing components and brackets. The sheet has AMS 6345A ISG U147 stamped on it. I looked it up on google and the composition is 0.95 Cr 0.20 Mo (0.28 - 0.33 C) The sheets are about 2mm and 4mm thick and i was hoping to use it with some 15N20 bandsaw blade material. Cheers Rex
  11. Great looking knife. how were ball bearings used? Actual balls or the casings? Do you have photos of the forging process?
  12. Love your work Ariel, beautiful blades as usual. Just a query, I have been told to avoid tight corners between the blade and the tang as it may cause stress rises. Has this been your experience? Cheers Rex
  13. Nice work Horatio. Could you show how you stiched the seams and edges please. Cheers
  14. Rex Pepper

    got a new toy

    Looks like a nice unit. Could you show some close ups of the top section and explain how it is adjustable? Cheers
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