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  1. stryder

    1844 William Foster Anvil , advice needed

    Thank You Sir! Your insight is most valuable. G George
  2. I have the opportunity to buy this anvil, William Foster 1844 weight around 110 lbs, has a funny little shelf about half way up the side. I have no experience, and do not know if this is something worth using or should it not be used. I am mainly interested in Knife making, and am wanting to save for a smithing anvil, is this a waste of time and money?? The fellow says it has good rebound, and ring. Any help is appreciated. G George
  3. stryder

    How do i get a fiery beard?

    How do I get a fiery beard?? G George
  4. stryder

    Browning a knife with scales

    Thank You Gentlemen; Mr. Dougherty, that is exactly the ticket. Just to knock the shine down without having to disassemble. Not bad for $18.50 huh?! Thanks G George
  5. stryder

    Browning a knife with scales

    Thank's again! I dislike shiny things in the woods, guess I will have to deal with it. I read their website also as why I put that I thought it was SS, to shiny to be high carbon I thought. G george
  6. stryder

    Browning a knife with scales

    Thanks Guys, I bought a Tracker blade made by bear & buck knives, it has not been delivered yet, looks like SS but not sure. I saw a guy on you tube who blued SS ."so he said he knew the way to do it". I have a bottle of the Birchwood plum brown I used on a black powder barrel, wondered if there was a way to color the steel without taking the heat treat away or dismantleing the knife and going through the steps to make it right again. Thanks for your replies!! G George Pic's of said knife. G george
  7. Hello all; Is there a way to brown ( I like browning better than bluing) a knife that already has scales attached?? Blade is SS I think, have not got it yet. Any help is appreciated!! G George
  8. stryder

    Stamp'in your work

    was reading in "how to make knives" by Barney,& Loveless that stamps can create stress risers, and a comment about "notch sensitive tool steel". so Question, can you stamp forged blades , and shouldn't stamp ground flatstock blades?? if i could be pointed in the right direction i would be very thankful. Thanks, George
  9. stryder

    Wanted : Power Hammer in the Midwest

    Jens; did you see the set in IOWA for sale on ABANA? resources- classifieds- shop equipment. 25 lbs little giant, and some other shop equipment. Stryder
  10. stryder

    old hammer

    i wonder... if it was used to drive wedges when felling trees?? thats all i could think of. Stryder
  11. stryder


    I think this belongs with the ad; search for 20 rivets. posted by dan. Stryder
  12. stryder

    coal forge pot, help

    This is the whole yhing, i did get a champion 400 blower with it but was unsure if they were a set. thanks for the info!! Stryder
  13. stryder

    Corn or pellet burning

    just found this forum last week, thought i would respond. earth stove makes one of the best pellet stoves, i used to sell them 15 years ago. the corn pot is different than the pellet pot significantly. the corn produces a clinker that has to be cleaned out like with coal and the combustion air has larger holes in the firepot than with pellets. there is an auger to deliver the fuel that works on thermal switches, fire cools, switch activates ,fuel delivered, temp rises, switch activates and fuel stops. also there are switches to start and stop positive combustion air delivery. englander makes one that gravity feeds , but the fire has been known to follow the delivery tube up to the hopper and well it's not good. i sold alot of stoves and furnaces to corn growing farmers, and they were very happy they could grow their own fuel. corn seems to burn hotter than pellets but has more ash and clinker and somewhat of a dirty fire. order a brochure on earth stove pellets or visit a stove store in your area and look at schematics. Good luck, Stryder
  14. stryder

    coal forge pot, help

    i picked up this coal forge pot ( dont know what the whole piece is called) want to use it but am unsure how to go about it. dimensions are sq 10.25" , 3.50" x 3.50" clinker breaker with 24" handle, 6" pot height, ash dump 2.25"air inlet 9" long with a 2.75" opening. air outlet is 1.75" high off of flat square area. no names, or numbers cast in anywhere. how would i mount it under a table and would i fill with refractory to the height of the tuyere? does it need an actual cover with holes like a rivet forge tuyere? any help identifying this and help with mount and construction would be very much appreciated! Stryder