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  1. Thanks guys, the bowl is threaded and screws into the head. In the event that it does get used (lets say in Colorado ), it can be taken apart for cleaning. Peter
  2. I built this one about a year ago and just found the pictures, anyway its 160 layer random Damascus head file cut chevrons and bowl stand, twist Damascus bowl, Damascus top plate and spike. Birdseye Maple haft with sterling silver wire inlay, fossil Walrus ivory mouth piece and brain tanned tobacco bag with horse hair dangle. Thanks for taking a look, Peter Blade show booth 541
  3. Very nice! Top notch pictures really catch all the details. Don Hanson once said to me, "good pictures sell knives" and that is very true of your photos. Peter
  4. Now that's slick! Excellent work all the way around! Peter
  5. Great photos, super clear. Your choice of backgrounds shows the amount of thought and care you invest in the pictures. Excellent job. Peter
  6. The Badger show is just around the corner, 175+ tables of custom and collectible knives held at the newly updated Holiday Inn Express Conference Center in Janesville WI. Show hours are Friday Noon to 7PM, Saturday 8AM to 5PM and Sunday 9AM to 2PM, early bird passes are available. Holiday Inn Express 3100 Wellington Place Janesville WI 53546 (800) 756-3100 Stop in and see some amazing knives! Peter
  7. That is some impressive work, complete with multiple textures, materials and finishes. Awesome knife. Peter
  8. Beautiful work! ............Awesome Peter
  9. Superb workmanship, you have a distinct style I absolutely admire. I always like looking at your creations. Peter
  10. Really slick! Nice job all the way around. Peter
  11. Excellent work, all the way around. Peter
  12. Superb workmanship as always Michael, I'll be popping in on you when the weather warms up...............if we don't freeze to death before then Peter
  13. It was an antique butter knife, I'm sure it was cast. Originally held together with good ol fashion pitch. All I did was polish it up after removing the blade. Thank you for the kind words. Peter
  14. A little dagger letter opener with antique nickel silver handle, Mokume guard and 120 layer Damascus blade. Leather slip sheath for protection. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  15. I recently completed another "How To" DVD, this one is forging 52100 knife blades. My son directed and produced this DVD with a split screen format in HD. It covers basic equipment, techniques and procedures including normalizing, thermal cycling, and annealing. There is a short clip on youtube or my website, thanks for taking a look. Peter
  16. I now own a copy of this book, I always revered Jim's work as the best. The contents and photos in the book are amazing. Well worth the money even if it just reminds me how humbling his creations were. Great knives from a great person. Peter
  17. Superior workmanship, your knives are amazing! Very nice. Peter
  18. Top notch materials and workmanship, outstanding! Peter
  19. That is very slick, outstanding workmanship. Peter
  20. WOW! That is beautiful, very well executed. Peter
  21. Ouch! Sorry to hear of your injury, god speed on your recovery. Peter
  22. 416 over 1095 blade, stainless filler bar and bolsters. Stabilized Beachnut Burl scales, titanium liners and pocket clip. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
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