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  1. WOW! your work is always over the top but that one is truly knife porn at its best. Excellent! Peter


    Beautiful! That is super clean work, well done. Peter
  3. I've had this available for a while, seems I forgot to post it here. Here is a short clip Thanks, Peter
  4. Wow! That's cool, I thought my eyes needed to focus............ Peter
  5. I grind them in with an 1/8" thick wheel on a 4 1/2" grinder, lots of patience, I was careful not to grind into the core steel, as that would screw up the pattern. You want to leave enough thickness when the you flatten the billet, the core steel doesn't go beyond center on either side of center. Hope that helps, Peter
  6. I finished up this project and thought I would share, handle is a Black Bear jaw donated by another knifemaker for the project. The ferrule is copper and the blade is copper nitrate washed after etching to get the color. Pictures show how I made the san mai blade. A special note on this one, the tang is not centered in the blade to accommodate the handle material. Something that had to be taken into account when forging the final shape . Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  7. Your work is Amazing, super clean all the way around. Peter
  8. Outstanding workmanship all the way around, top to bottom. Amazing! Peter
  9. This is an older knife I never had professionally photographed, so I polished off the fittings and sent it out. The sheath is wood, lined with velvet and covered with Lizard skin and sterling silver. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  10. A couple of hours in muriatic acid, (outside with plenty of air) then grind with whatever you have. The acid softens up the scale and makes grinding much more friendly. Still a dirty job(respirator needed) but a lot less effort needed to cut thru the glass hard scale. Just my .02 Peter
  11. Here is one that's a little different, 1065 clay heat treated blade, copper hibachi, Birds eye Maple handle and scabbard. I used Great Stuff to fill the scabbard which did a wonderful job of getting a size on sized fit for the blade. Handle and scabbard received about 15 coats of clear lacquer, wet sanded and buffed. Black Micarta was used for the fittings and the handle is not a take down version. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  12. Just a reminder of the upcoming knife show in Janesville, WI on October 11 & 12 held at the Holiday Inn Express. Friday noon to 7PM and Saturday 8 to 2PM, lots of knife makers and vendors with sharp pointy objects. Early bird passes available, Hope to see you there, Peter
  13. OH! That's cool! I like the contrast. Peter
  14. Fresh off the bench, 4 5/8" ladder pattern blade with a nickel silver guard. Stag handle is from a very old kitchen knife that was upcycled. Leather sheath has an Elephant hide panel. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  15. Tapered full tang with stabilized Madrone burl handle scales, stainless Corby bolts and nickel silver guard. Blade is 7 1/2" of 180 layer random pattern at over 2" wide. Sheath has a Beaver tail panel, thanks for taking a look.
  16. The bolsters are titanium, sanded to 800 then buffed which gives the orange peel affect. thanks, Peter
  17. I beleive its alloy banding formed during the weld, but that's just my .02 worth. Maybe someone with some tech knowledge will chime in here. Peter
  18. This one is a thick chick compared to my usual fare, request was for a HD knife like something an outfitter might have hangin in his pocket, so this is my version of a HD pocket knife. Thanks, Peter
  19. 3" blade of 416 over 1095, titanium bolsters, liners and clip. Scales are actually very old Elk, I don't remember when I acquired them, sometime in the early 90's if I had to guess. Thanks for taking a look. Peter
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