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  1. Here's one I finished recently. Radial pattern blade and bolsters, faux Tortoise shell handle, titanium liners and a ladder pattern spring. Bail is Mokume with a gold pin, thanks for taking a look. Peter
  2. Stunning and beautiful, as always. Your work is superb. Peter
  3. Yowza! That is beautiful, great choices all the way around. Peter
  4. Old style hammer completely gone over, new arms, pins, ends, clutch blocks, belts and pulley. No cracks in the frame, sow block or head. 220v single phase 3hp Baldor motor, new fuse box and electricals, plug and play. Can load on your trailer, located in Waterford, WI. $4850 Here is a short vid of the hammer in action. http://youtu.be/N-mG3EfrNLc Peter
  5. I have em from 2oz to 100lb, use them all when the job requires.
  6. Awesome work from end to end! Peter
  7. Professional photos from Cory Martin Imaging, obviously alot better than my own pics. Thanks for taking a look. Atlanta bound!................. table 8DD....................... Peter
  8. I did use the punisher as a guide, added flames on the other side because it went well with the theme. I etched the clip in nitric for a deep 3D effect for added texture. Its a large knife which gives alot of room to play, thanks for the kind words. Peter
  9. Built this one for the Blade show and thought I'd show it off here. 3 1/2" pool pattern blade, ball bearing pivot, Mokuti bolsters and carved Bog Oak scales. 1/16" thick titanium liners, damascus filler and pocket clip. Thanks for taking a look and stop by my table 8DD at the show. Peter
  10. Amazing work from you as always, .................awesome!
  11. Truely a sad day, I tabled next to him at the Blade show some years ago and remember having a lot of laughs with him. My sympathy goes out to his family. RIP Peter
  12. I'm looking for usable dies(flat or radius) for an old style 100lb Little Giant. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Peter
  13. I like it alot, very racey looking. Snakewood has to be one of the best woods to polish, smooth as glass. Peter
  14. Very nice! Really like the material combo. Peter
  15. Just a reminder about the upcoming show, lots of great knives and great people. Admission is $3 at the door or $5 for a 3 day pass Custom knives, factory knives, antique knives and military Friday 1PM to 7PM Saturday 8AM to 5 PM Sunday 9AM to 2PM Holiday Inn Express HWY 14 and I-90 Hope to see you there, Peter
  16. Amazing metal Jim, your work is always top shelf. Peter
  17. Really nice, can't wait to see the finished product. Peter
  18. Very well done indeed! Can't wait to see more............................:^) Peter
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