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  1. Beautiful detailed work. First class stuff! Peter
  2. Very nice, the steel is amazing. Well done Peter
  3. Awesome! I like how everything is connected, well done. Peter
  4. Beautiful work Ray, good luck at the show. Peter
  5. This one's a little different being a lockback, rocker bar has a Mokume and copper bullet. Black pearl is much prettier in person but my photo skills aren't the best. Titanium liners are also file worked( something I haven't done in a while.) Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  6. Thanks Ray, its a hyper biotic fusion drive with an atomic transformer conversion to mobil steam..........................its just a liner lock but an auto is in the works. But I like the mouse idea..........wonder how I can get that to fit between the liners?
  7. Another one of these with watch parts, mokume stuff and fabbed fittings on stippled brass over titanium liners. ladder pattern damascus blade, stainless filler bar. Thanks for taking a look, Peter
  8. Very well done, I really like the pattern. Peter
  9. Yowza! those are amazing, excellent workmanship. Peter
  10. That thing is huge! Awesome workmanship. Peter
  11. Beautiful piece, outstanding choice of materials and textures. Well done, Peter
  12. Mike, your a mad man! Looks like fun though................. Stay safe and have a good new year Peter
  13. Beautiful! Nice work Ray, as always. Peter
  14. WOW! those are fantastic, great work and great photos. Peter
  15. Straight knife version is coming soon, still a few bugs to work out on this one. But it should be a walk in the park compaired to the folder edition. Peter
  16. Very nicely done, great lines. Peter
  17. My link After testing and CAD drawing and tweeking, its finally finished and up and running. My son Cory has a million hours into this and its waaaaay beyond my old school thinking but I don't mind taking the credit(kidding :D/>), check it out and let me hear your thoughts. Peter
  18. Simple and effective, very appealing look. Nice knife Peter
  19. Thanks to everyone for all of your time and effort spent playing around with the first version of this Virtual Knife Builder program my son (Cory Martin) built on my site. He's been going like a mad man adding more options to what is already on the site. A new blade shape & new handle materials were added to the initial 3 drop menu choices. Here's what you've already seen: The spine view is new, with 3 additional drop menus for liner color, filler bar material & file work, and file work on the blade spine. The final drop menu is for the choice of thumb stud. As it sits right now, there's a total of 280,800 possible combinations!! That should give my future customers a little peace of mind knowing that they can literally design their own one of a kind knife. But for now, we're still testing, and your comments / suggestions on the new options are greatly appreciated. http://www.petermartinknives.com/FoldingKnifeBuilder.htm Thanks for your time.
  20. Just sent this one to its new home. Eventually it will be sent out for engraving and pro photos. Integral sides are 6AL4V with black pearl and 14K gold. Blade steel, lock bar and spacer are Devon Thomas SS damascus with a few gold dots added in place of nail nick. Blade pivot has ball bearings on either side to make it nice and smooth. Thanks for taking a look, Peter I also took a picture of the machined sides, more machining than I care to think about.....
  21. Stunning workmanship, very very nice! Peter
  22. Thanks guys, currently working on a straight knife with multiple blade shapes as well as guard configurations. Hope to have a more refined application in a week or so.........stay tuned. Peter
  23. My linkMy linkhttp://www.petermartinknives.com/FoldingKnifeBuilder.htm My son built this on my web site, its a chance to build your own virtual folding knife by chosing the materials in a multitude of options. This is a test mode but you'll get the idea, hopefully you have a bit of fun with it. Things like blade shapes, file work, inlays etc. will be added in the future to create an even greater list of option in creating your own virtual knife. I'll be the first to thank my son, Cory Martin, for the tech stuff here as I make my living with a power hammer and a belt grinder, he pounds the key board and does awesome stuff like this. Click on this link check it out and have a little fun. Peter
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